The Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business!

The Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business: You possibly know about WA however do you have any idea that it has the WA version for businesses too? Yes, you read it correct!

There’s nothing wrong in saying that WhatsApp has gained enough popularity in the last few years. A large number of users are making use of it which makes this app the best one in the world.

Whether you want to make a call, send media files, need to text or make a video call; WhatsApp can do all such things easily. 

Regular WhatsApp version is a beneficial tool that can be used for communicating with companions and family members.

However, if you run a business, then WhatsApp business comes into play that is an ideal platform for nurturing business relationships among yourself and your clients. 

We will study in detail WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business in this post. Eager to know more about the same? If yes, lets dive into this post! Let’s get started! Happy Reading!

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business Similarities 

Both are owned by Facebook and seems similar. Here we have jotted down few similarities of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business:

  • You can make use of them for chatting with your contacts, exchanging media files, sharing documents and much more
  • They both can easily be linked with WhatsApp Web in order to access them on the computer
  • They both have similar user interface so you will not face any kind of issue in accessing their features 
  • Both can be easily linked to Google Drive account for restoring and taking the backup of data

What is the Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

Logo Appearance 

WhatsApp has slightly changed the appearance of the business app version. Both appear the same however there’s a ‘B’ that you will see in WhatsApp for business. 

This alphabet ‘B’ distinguishes a normal WhatsApp app from that of a business one. 

Business Settings 

You will notice the option of business settings in the app that is designed for WhatsApp Business. So, this way business owners can easily display the profile of their business to the clients. 

Information such as brand name, working hours, location, email, website URL, etc get noticeable for transparency in the business. This, in turn, gives clients many options for getting in touch with their business owners. 

Customers get notified by the alert as soon as they get a message from the account of WhatsApp business. This is the major difference between normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses. 

Quick Replies

WhatsApp Business App has the feature of ‘Quick Replies’. This is one more feature that makes WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business different. One can easily set up custom messages template for FAQs. 

This activity is not possible in the case of regular WhatsApp. When chatting, you have to enter the key ‘/’. After that, select already saved quick replies. 

Quick Search Filters 

WhatsApp Business has the feature of search filter which is built-in. Through filters, it’s possible to find unread chats, broadcast lists, groups and so on easily. 

In addition to this, the filter also lists the labels so it becomes simple to find the correct conversation from a single place. It enables businesses in keeping the track of all messages and managing priority clients. 

Short Link Sharing 

In the case of WA, you first have to save the contact so as to start chatting with the person; isn’t it? But there is a feature of a short link in the WhatsApp Business. 

Create the short link and just share it with anyone. This way one can tap on the shared link and start a conversation with you immediately without saving the contact. 

Register with Landline Number 

Unlike WA, WhatsApp Business can be registered with the landline too. But, for that, it must be a number that has no WhatsApp registrations connected with it. 

In order to verify your account through landline, simply tap ‘call me’ for requesting the phone call so as to get your verification code. 

Do I Need a WhatsApp Business Version?

It’s completely up to you! If you are running a business and wish to maintain proper communication with your customers then it’s a perfect tool to go for. Utilizing this app has the power to build trust among businesses and users. The majority of businesses are making use of it for promoting their products, receiving feedback, taking product orders and so on. 

Can I Have Both Versions on the Same Device?

Yes, you can make use of both the apps on a single mobile however you need to register that with a different mobile number. It’s quite simple to set up in the case of dual sim smartphones. 

You have to delete your personal WA for using the WhatsApp Business from the same number that you are using for a long time. 


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in knowing more about the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp no doubt is a helpful app however WhatsApp Business app has more features that can work better for your business. 

For small businesses who cant invest much can make use of WhatsApp Business as it is quite effective. Through this app, it’s possible to take orders, book appointments, finalize any purchases and so on. 

Its recommended for all business owners to switch to WA Business and create a WhatsApp Business account who are discovering smart ways for attracting their clients. 

It’s vital to keep your personal as well as professional life separate through utilizing the separate app i.e., normal WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business. 

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