Employing Chatbots for Scaling up Remote Focus Group Management

Employing Chatbots for Scaling up Remote Focus Group Management

Remote Focus Group Management: Chatbots, a popular synonym for conversational AI today, are the new-age marketing tools. As the name suggests, chatbots are nothing but artificial intelligence-driven robots with whom you can interact.

They answer your questions, solve all your doubts, be at your service anytime and anywhere. These are some of the most wanted advantages of chatbots that make them aggressively popular and reliable in the e-commerce domain and amongst marketers in general. 

Besides enchanting online customers and visitors, chatbots aim to develop the relationship between a company and customers, gain the trust of customers, convert visitors into customers, and also helps in retaining customers. 

Knowing about Focus Group Remote Focus Group Management

Not just in scientific experiments, the words “focus group” are also often heard in marketing. For those who are new to this concept, a focus group is a gathering of around 10% efficient consumers who are put in touch with a mediator or a negotiator that help them understand the company or the brand better and solve their doubts, thereby broadening the clarity about the company or the brand. 

While this task gets overwhelming for the human workforce, marketers and popular brands today engage their consumers with acutely trained chatbots who act as the negotiator to serve the consumers. 

A significant point to remember: a focus group is formed by marketers for proper market research. Someone who is planning to launch his enterprise in a market should choose a focus group.

For example, if you wish to launch a new beauty product in the market you should choose your focus group of women belonging to the age range of 20-30 years. 

Understanding the Purpose of a Focus Group  

When starting a new business or enterprise, you will not be aware of the nature of the market your business will be in. You will also not be aware of your target audience and the kind of audience who can turn into your potential customers later. To get a good grasp of such aspects of the market, one needs to invest in market research. 

Creating a focus group to experiment and study the effectiveness of your product is the primary step to conduct proper market research. Additionally, this will also help you enhance the horizons of your business and give clarity to your outlook on your business enterprise. 

Integration of Chatbots in Studying and Managing Focus Groups 

Times are changing rapidly today and there has been a paradigm shift in marketing. With the onset of the pandemic, the marketing universe has gone digital and has come under the wings of high-end technologies like AI completely. 

As mentioned already, conducting market research manually can be an overwhelming task. It is also subjected to errors the results of which can mislead you. 

Successful companies and brands, today, are heavily employing chatbots as marketing executives, caretakers of customers, and also to know the customers and the market well. 

Listed below are some of the benefits that the employment of chatbot for managing focus groups can yield: 

  • Personal Attention 

Consumers and customers, when engaged in conversation with a chatbot, start expressing themselves more frankly. This happens practically because chatbots don’t judge people and hence yield unbiased results. 

  • Documenting Everything 

Chatbots, when set in conversation with the participants in the focus group, will record the entire session. This will record every bit and piece of the conversation which will make your research appropriate and proper. 

  • Saving Time and Money 

While chatbots will be engaged in managing the focus group and recording the sessions with them, you can invest yourself in other value-added activities like learning about new and innovative marketing strategies to grow your business. 

  • Video Marketing will be at its best 

With chatbots, you can also opt for video marketing of your product by bringing your focus group on screen. This will help to maintain credibility which in return will ensure loyalty in your existing consumers and will also help you to gain new customers and consumers. 

Tips to Create a Remote Focus Group for Effective Marketing with Chat Bots 

A remote focus group is a group that functions away from the crowd such as in an auditorium or a large hall. This helps the participants to eliminate all inhibitions and express themselves candidly. 

To create a successful video of a Remote Focus Group Management, one must be aware of the types of video formats trending in the market. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. Synchronous Multi-person Video Conferencing 

In this format, all the participants of a focus group talk for a certain duration of time. This helps diverse opinions and expressions to flow about one particular product. You can then start the experimentation with the product to check who is right. 

  1. Asynchronous Interviews – Remote Focus Group Management

This format will allow you to ask questions that are pre-recorded i.e. you can prepare a questionnaire before roping in the focus group participants. 

  1. Conduct a Survey on the Panel 

Also known as survey panel respondent group, this is a type of market research that involves where the panelists (focus group) can participate with you in market research. They can suggest designs and their own needs which can help you to create a customized product to suit their needs. 

This format helps in enhancing brand impression, creation of content, testing the concept, and developing the product. 

Employing chatbots can solve the purpose of video marketing. It can record every detail of the conversation to the focus group and ask highly relevant questions.

It can yield statistics and analyses on the sessions recorded to help you easy decision-making of the product life cycle and decide the progress trajectory of it in the best way possible. Also, the participants of your focus group can ask questions to the chatbots and raise queries about the products. 

This will help you to reach your objectives faster by filling up all the loopholes in your newly launched product. 

A Quick Wrap Up 

Don’t lag in digitalization. 

Understanding and empathizing with the consumer is the spine of any successful business. All your consumers should feel inclusive and hence it is important to have an entity ready in your business whom your consumers can reach out at any point in time. 

Bringing AI-driven chatbots on board can not only handle the bag of queries by your consumers but can also engage in conversations with them as if a human is talking. This will also add an edge to your business and will help it to grow better. 


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