Everything you need to know about chatbots voice assistants

Everything you need to know about chatbots voice assistants

Chatbots Voice Assistants: Re-iteratively, AI is evolving in a rapid pace. AI has given us the perspectives that were hard for us to imagine even a few years ago. It has helped medical science to evolve, business industries to grow, and the world to move towards hyper- modernity.

As the AI continues to evolve more and offer us more, our demands are touching the sky. We are expecting more from artificial intelligence as it continues to meet all our expectations.  Amongst the many astonishing developments in AI, chatbots are now taking the market by storm. 

Surveys have shown that humans today prefer talking to chatbots than humans. This is because chatbots understand humans better.

Developments in chatbots and voice assistants have reached a point where they can tap on human emotions, recognise questions even before they are expressed.

This makes the users make lesser efforts in getting their problems solved. Isn’t that the whole point of chatbots voice assistants?

This piece will cover all possible facets of application of chatbot as voice assistants

What are chatbots voice assistants? 

Voice assistants are chatbots that can easily communicate using vocal input and output. One can talk to the bot like one talks to a friend and the bot will respond with an answer accordingly. Conversations with chatbot voice assistants can be carried out in the form of texts and voice messages. 

The Importance of Chatbots Voice Assistants 

 One cannot overstate the importance of chatbots. Chatbot voice assistants aim to streamline interactions between two entities resulting in enhancement of customer and consumer experience. 

With the world going digital at a fierce rate, humans are literally dependent upon chatbot voice assistants to get their work done. May it be ordering groceries form a nearby supermarket or booking a holiday trip, chatbot voice assistants are the ones who will serve you. 

The arrival of chatbots in the domain of marketing, especially e-commerce, have gone several levels higher in making profits. This is because chatbot voice assistants attend several customers at once which becomes overwhelming for the human staffs.

This ensures more customer and consumer engagement thereby ensuring customer loyalty while the human staff can invest themselves in other value-added activities. Precisely, the integration of chatbot voice assistants has impacted the e-commerce in best ways imaginable. 

Integration of chatbots in business infrastructures has helped the e-commerce platforms to survive amidst the pandemic. Additionally, it has helped the economy to recover from the hard blow of the pandemic. 

Getting the Facts Straight based on Survey

Market surveys over the years have highlighted people’s willingness to use chatbots and voice assistants is on the ascend. Businesses and start-ups are mushrooming constantly and all of them ae leveraging chatbot voice assistants to their best advantage. 

In the financial services domain, the use of chatbots is expected to grow by 116%, while in the hospitality industry, the use of chatbots will grow by 241% and 167% in the healthcare industry.  

Today, users, customers, and customers are expressing positive views on all the AI-driven technologies because almost 80% of the customers and consumers agree to the fact that chatbot voice assistants provide better customer care services. 

The Prevailing Challenges and Shortcomings of Chatbots Voice Assistants 

No matter how perfect it seems, chatbot voice assistants come with drawbacks and challenges as well. However, these chatbot voice assistants are so perfect that their shortfalls barely fall into our notices.

But it is important to discuss the challenges and the loopholes in the chatbot technology in order to ensure glitch-free functioning of chatbot voice assistants in serving the society. 

Although, chatbot voice assistants are trained rigorously to understand the interactions made by humans, these voice assistants run the chances of failing to grasp what the user speaks.

Chatbot voice assistants should be made advanced enough to understand even the most complicated languages such as when a person with speech impediment interacts with the bot. 

People have reported that the chatbot voice assistants fail to comprehend certain and dialects. Around 59% of people have complained about the failure of chatbots to understand their accents and dialects. Another 29% have reported about the failure of chatbots to grasp the nuances of language. 

An important tip for beginners who wish to incorporate chatbot voice assistants in their business infrastructures is run chatbot voice assistants through quality assurance test also known as QA test. It a common test conducted on AI-powered technologies to ensure the quality of their functions. 

The Key Takeaways 

With chatbot voice assistants available readily for us, we know that we can benefit from AI in abundance. Chatbots voice assistants are changing the entire scenario of interaction and conversation that is transforming the world for good. 

Artificial intelligence’s many contributions to the world are changing the societies by making them smarter, reducing frauds and different fraudulent activities. We can now confidently dream of a world where everything operates with honesty with the help of hyper-modern technology driven by AI. 

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