importance of design principles for making better chatbot conversations

Importance of Design Principles for Making Better Chatbot Conversations!

Chatbot Conversations: We all know that people have a perception of chatbots while having a bad experience with a Chatbot.

We can relate this if you had experienced a false weather forecast then you make a perception that all chatbots give wrong information.

But this is a bad experience of the chatbot, it doesn’t mean that all chatbots are not true. Chatbot Conversations With the help of previous data, it is found those three-quarters of people who had a bad experience with the chatbots then don’t want to use chatbots again.

But if we find then we will come to know that chatbot technology is not responsible for bad user experience, the fault is of poor conversational design that occurs because of not following proper conversation design principles.

Conversational Designs and Its Need in the Market – Chatbot Conversations

The training to the computers or machines to communicate as the human does is known as Conversational Designs.

It is an art of teaching in which a maker makes it possible to teach computers how to communicate. Chatbot designers take the guarantee for a good user experience by creating natural conversations between the computer and the human.

For this designers must know about UX design, audio design, linguistics, psychology, and copywriting. They ensure to provide a fantastic experience to the clie3nt’s customer and there should not be any fault so that a person can able to understand that he is talking to a machine.

The need for Conversational Designs is to give the freedom to the users to say anything, to ask anything, not like other apps where you have to do what that particular app has.

There is a huge amount that people ask the same questions and very often they ask something different or on the individual problem then Chatbot has to face difficulty to answer instantly.

That’s why there is a need to do conversational designs. The main purpose of this that the chatbot can answer immediately to a person and that might help them properly.

This is easy to teach the4 computers how to react to different people. According to the head of Conversation Design at Google, it is easier to teach human language to the computer than to teach the computer’s language to humans.   

Principles of Conversational Designs 


Cooperation is very important in the conversation between the two. It means that the chatbot has to be cooperative with the user by providing the data for what the user is looking for.

It is also mentioned that for cooperation it is not required that the user knows any specialization to communicate with the chatbot.

The chatbot should be designed like it can provide the data to the user in very simple language so that they can understand and be satisfied with the services of the Chatbot. 

  • Context-Aware

For the more conversational chatbot, this is important that it should be more contextual.

It is also understandable that it is not possible to respond or to have the answer to every problem which the user asks the chatbot.

So it is better to teach the Chatbot how to react immediately better in any situation so that the user should not be dissatisfied. 

The special Greetings can be created for the websites. They will pop up in various conditions based on the time a user spends on the page, a page address, or a referring source.

You can create special greetings for the user who is visiting your page for the first time, and different for those who are continuously visiting your page.

If you are targeting them personally then it impresses them and by this, the user experience improves. 

You can even target the audience by popping up the sports news, popular movies trailer or advertisement, or any other thing which might be of interest to your target audience, and because of this, the user will visit the page automatically.  

  • Goal Orientated

If the user is spending time while communicating with the Chatbot then they want the solutions of their problems by the chat only.

They want that they will achieve their goal only by chatting like order pizza, book an appointment, book a cab, refund policy’s status, etc.

So, if you want effective communication between the chatbot and the user without any effort then an effective chatbot design is a must for your chatbot.

If there is a problem that you are not aware that what will your customer ask then do research on it and then design your chatbot accordingly so that they both will be goal orientated.

  • Quick and Clear

If you want better support of the chatbot then there should be a quick and clear. The research supports that the user prefers the chatbot because it responds immediately to the questions of the user.

It also gives an answer which is helpful to the user. The user is happy with the chatbot because it doesn’t take time for answering the questions.

  • Polite – Chatbot Conversations

If we are talking about polite then it doesn’t mean to use proper language only but also giving respect to the user’s time and user’s problems.

It is also said that polite designs are those that easily meet the business goals without interrupting the customer’s pursuit of their objectives.

This is very important to be polite and without having any attitude towards the customers.   

If we say that the politeness with the customers without language is what? So here is the answer to that.

For ex- if a customer wants a solution with the help of a chatbot and you are showing advertisements, showing offers and discounts to them, then it is very unprofessional and it wastes the customer’s time which is not acceptable by the customers.

  • Truthful

If you are providing reliable information and truthful data to your customer then it will be the most effective thing of the chatbot to the users.

You should not mislead your customers by saying “Get Started” and subscribing to your channel or page.

This is a type of fraud that they came for the solutions and you take their time for your benefits. These types of things lose trust and ruin the conversation with the customers.

To inspire to trust your chatbot it is important to provide reliable data to the customers and remember to update your chatbot with the latest technologies.

  • Error Tolerant – Chatbot Conversations

It is not wrong to say that sometimes people also don’t understand each other. So mistakes are done by humans and it is in their nature.

If you want to clear misunderstandings then you have to do effective communication. The same is with the chatbots. It doesn’t need to always understand it’s users.

The point is that how they are taking a step forward and to teach the chatbot to quickly resolve the misunderstanding with effective communication as humans do.

If you want to make your chatbot error-tolerant then you try to anticipate common spelling mistakes first.

Teach your chatbot these variations to improve the service of the chatbot. It is also important to ensure that your chatbot will not reply as “I don’t understand” because it creates a negative impact which is not good for the reputation of the Chatbot. 

  • Give Human Voice to your Chatbot

Your chatbot will be as good as your conversation designs of the chatbots. If you are making the best designs and give a human voice to it to reply to your customers then it will be best for your Chatbot.

Before launching this in the market take experience of this by using this by yourself or your friends or employees. This will also ensure that there is no mistake in this which may create a problem in the future.

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