Top 6 Whatsapp Chatbot Tools For 2021 & Beyond

Top 6 Whatsapp Chatbot Tools For 2021 & Beyond

Whatsapp Chatbot Tools: Nowadays, everyone is aware of the WhatsApp feature; After all, it is considering the most used messaging app on the planet. Although Whatsapp is initially designed for private messaging purposes, it has become an important part of businesses with its increasing growth.

In today’s digital world, every business – whether a startup or established – can easily connect via WhatsApp plugins on their websites and run push marketing campaigns. Plus, seamless WhatsApp integration makes it as simple to create a business WhatsApp presence as an individual would.

What’s more, you can automate your communication with clients by combining WhatsApp with chatbots. WhatsApp’s reach lets you access a global audience, and chatbots help you enhance engagement. So, if you are planning to design your WhatsApp chatbots and engage your buyers, you need to know the tools. 

The best 6 WhatsApp chatbot tools for 2021 & beyond

Here are the top six tools for developing WhatsApp Chatbot in 2021 & beyond:

#1 – Agentbot: Conversational Chatbot To Communicate With Customers

Like all chatbots, Agentbot offers brands the opportunity to develop conversation flows with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Beautifully designed interface and easy-to-use design decision tree make this WhatsApp chatbot tool unique. 

Agentbot also helps you raise conversation flows based on customer interactions. You can train your chatbot to offer responses to customer queries and even contain skillful touches like GIFs.

Reporting and analytics are essential components for developing agile business and Agentbot increases to the occasion. It offers a host of analytical data directly related to customer interactions. 

AgentBot Chatbot Features:

  • AI technology interprets informal language and errors
  • Delivers 24/7 conversations service for customers
  • Best integrated whatsapp chatbots


  • Free trial to start your sales engagement

WhatsApp Chatbot tools #2 – MessengerPeople: Ideal for medium and large businesses

You can easily build conversation flows to make customer communication more intuitive and professional, thanks to MessengerPeople. It offers the ability to collect user characteristics that are saved as chatbot conversations take place. It drives more meaningful engagements with customers about their needs and how your brand can help. 

While automation is the main purpose, MessengerPeople also offers helpful functionality.  Users can easily drag and drop tickets produced from WhatsApp chatbot engagements. 

MessengerPeople Chatbot Features:

  •  Smart communication interface for customer service
  •  A highly safe and secured platform for messaging
  •  Chatbot provides real-time service status
  •  Best Whatsapp Chatbot software for business


  • Pricing starts are €99

#3 – Gupshup: Communication Interface Solves All Customer Queries

Gupshup offers a worldwide recognized and used messaging platform. As a messaging platform provider, they are popular for their bot scripting tool. With this WhatsApp chatbot tool, developers can create chatbots capable of performing simple and complicated interactions. They also offer an out-of-the-box solution that contains automated response creation, the ability to personalize your chat assistant and switch to live chat mode if required. 

Gupshup Chatbot Features:

  • Messaging interface for large enterprises
  • Whatsapp API solutions for customer conversations
  • Easy to use and advanced features
  • Best chatbots for sales and support


  • Start sending messages from $0.001 per message.

WhatsApp Chatbot tools #4 – Yalo: Notification Platform For Business Accounts

Yalochat helps businesses engage and develop customer relationships with the use of AI-integrated CRM. It means more intimate customer interactions can be made at scale. Through deep learning, chatbots experiences are increased along with continuous training from developers. This tool is capable of automating up to 90% of conversations. This WhatsApp chatbot doesn’t offer more information about its reporting functionality but with Amazon and American Express customers. 

Yalochat Features:

  • Potential chatbots handle complex conversations
  • Provides sales and automated customer support
  • Sends the instant response to customer queries
  • Best whatsapp chatbot platform


  • They do not have a free version.

#5 – ChatCompose- Automated Chatbots Improves Productivity And Communication

If you want more ways to connect your audience with your brand, ChatCompose can integrate with your CMS, CRM, Slack, and event process payments and has speech recognition to take phone calls.

This WhatsApp chatbot offers a considerable amount of resources to help customers understand and use their solution. You can use their tools to answer questions, lead generation, book reservations, capture data, and offer loads. 

ChatCompose Features:

  • Chatbots supports and automates sales
  • Instantly resolves and improves customer service
  • Design conversation provides qualified leads
  • Best Secure and Integrated chat platform


  • Free
  • Business: $9.99/mo
  • Premium: $69.00/mo

WhatsApp Chatbot tools #6 – Visualisation To Analyse Bot And Gather Insights is an AI-enabled chatbot tool with a set of unique features. You can use this message to send alerts, take orders, create one-time passwords, publish newsletters, send activation codes, lead generation, make ticket bookings and make sales. 

It also includes some lesser-promoted features in their tool. This WhatsApp chatbot also offers API integration and custom code support for brands that want unique functionality. Chatbot Features:

  •  Integrated whatsapp chatbots for a business account
  •  Multi-agent chat sends targeted notifications
  •  Best AI-powered whatsapp chatbots


  • ₹2999/mo

So, these are the top six WhatsApp chatbot tools you can use in 2021 and beyond. If you plan to build a successful WhatsApp chatbot solution for your business, get in touch with Yugasa Bot. 

How can Yugasa Bot help in WhatsApp Chatbot development solution?

Yugasa Bot is a chatbot development company with many years of experience in delivering reliable and innovative WhatsApp chatbot solutions, Whatsapp Chatbot Tools. We provide high business chatbot solutions to increase business efficiency and customer responsiveness. Apart from this, our experts quickly develop and deploy smart chatbots for other channels such as Slack, Facebook, Telegram, and many more. 

If you want to know more about WhatsApp Chatbot, you can contact our experts today.

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