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A complete Guide About Using Chatbots to Grow Your E-commerce Business 

eCommerce chatbots: Along with all the various tasks necessary to keep a business going, it is becoming more and more crucial for an eCommerce store owner or marketer to maintain customer engagement

Maintaining interactions at all phases of a buyer’s journey is becoming more and more difficult, from your own storefront to social media and all the other digital touch points you’ve developed. 

eCommerce Chatbots for business

The bad news is that interactions are no longer optional in a cutthroat marketplace. 

They’re your sole chance to win over a customer and persuade them to interact with your company in some way. 

The great news is that there’s a clever solution for doing everything at scale – eCommerce chatbots. 

Everything you need to know about chatbots in e-commerce will be covered in this blog! 

Why are eCommerce chatbots important? 

1. Your clients want to talk to you 

It was discovered in a study on consumer expectations that individuals prefer to communicate with brands before purchasing from them. 

This is especially true given that we do the majority of our shopping online and can’t physically touch or feel a product before buying it.

Your non-availability at a specific hour can be misinterpreted as you not wanting to speak to consumers, and only selling to them for profit. 

A chatbot enables you to communicate with customers at the times and locations of their choice, helping them with purchases or easing their fear and demonstrating your brand’s care. 

2. Your clients want immediate replies 

How many times do you, as a customer, wait between 24 and 48 hours for a company to reply to a question? 

Most likely, you’d leave and hunt for another retailer who could provide you with more details about the item you’re looking for or a person who can help you out with your purchase. 

It would be impossible to keep up if you had to “immediately” respond to 100 inquiries from your website and social media channels. 

Chatbots for eCommerce is useful in this situation. 

Utilizing the information currently there on your website, the technology is capable of handling the majority of your customer support inquiries. 

This keeps the conversation flowing, keeping the customer engaged with your product and hence, more probable to make the purchase during the session with guidance. 

3. You can’t stay available 24/7 

Brands’ unavailability is another factor contributing to their delayed response time to customer inquiries. 

There’s always a lot to do that might keep you from conversations, whether you’re working on the launch of a new product, outsourcing content, or seeking for partners to promote your brand.

Now, you might have a staff of live agents available every day to respond to consumer questions, but they too have a schedule. 

On the other hand, your consumers’ shopping habits are unscheduled! 

Consider how many times you have bought something at midnight. 

With the assistance of a chatbot, you can remain accessible around the clock to respond to inquiries at any moment. 

If a chatbot is unable to assist the customer, it might continue the discussion by posing new questions and gathering information for follow-up the following day. 

4. Your customers are everywhere with eCommerce chatbots

Due to the pandemic, customers now make daily purchases through online stores. But the “online” space is a huge one on its own. 

Since things are returning to normal, offline channels are also being included again in the buyer’s journey. 

Simply put, you have clients all over the place. 

To contact you with a question, they can do so via your website, Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp. 

The reason why firms are employing e-commerce chatbots is to avoid having to keep up with client conversations across all of these channels. 

5. Your live agents’ expenses can get out of control rapidly 

In the past, companies employed live agents to respond to client inquiries from several departments. But consider how many employees you’d need to monitor all consumer conversations across all platforms. 

While “human” conversations are still relevant, live agents find it difficult to serve new-age customers when they require quick responses. 

If you’re someone who’s optimizing for costs to keep budgets small and concentrated on marketing and advertising, hiring more live agents is no longer a viable option. 

Chatbots can help in this situation. 

According to studies, chatbots are far more cost-effective than engaging numerous live agents to handle the same volume of inquiries since they are simple to expand. 

According to an IBM study, organizations utilizing chatbots can save 30%. 

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Final thoughts 

Chatbots help brands create better customer engagement by facilitating them respond to questions or assist inquiries quicker.

Provide personalized recommendations, and can improve the bottom line by enabling in-chat commerce and lowering returns and abandoned shopping carts. 

Any company trying to increase customer loyalty and revenue should think about including a bot in its channel mix. 

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