Yugasa Bot vs Haptik – 2024 Comparison 

There is a significant need for chatbots in India. However, there are numerous Indian chatbot companies to pick from and elements to consider, complicating the selection of an appropriate conversational AI vendor.

Yugasabot and Haptik are two feature-rich customer care suites that help businesses unlock concrete value by acquiring and maintaining consumers and winning client loyalty.

Yugasa Bot vs Haptik – Overview

Yugasa Bot (Free) is an AI-enabled, natural language processing (NLP) chatbot that provides users with “intelligent” dialogue on any of your websites.

As your team works on more productive activities, let Yugasa Bot handle the first correspondence with all of your web visitors.

With its DIY Bot Builder, you can quickly and easily teach Yugasa Chatbot intelligent information about your company in minutes. 

Yugasa Bot is a “plug-n-play,” “no coding required” solution. One of the smartest chatbots out there is Yugasa Bot. Engage visitors when they’re most likely to do so.

The safe and GDPR-compliant architecture of Yugasa Bot provides them with the greatest auto chat experience. 

On the other hand, since 2013, Haptik has pioneered Al-powered innovation, processing 10 billion interactions and 10 million transactions over ten channels and 135 languages for 500+ organisations.

It enables brands to move to Generative Al and achieve end-to-end customer experience at scale.

Haptik provides two product lines, Contakt and Interakt, allowing corporations and SMEs to address their consumers’ most pressing issues.


  • Capabilities

Yugasa Bot is an AI-enabled and NLP-based chatbot that offers ‘close to human’ conversation to visitors on any of your digital touchpoints: Websites, mobile apps, Facebook pages, WhatsApp, and more.

Let Yugasa Bot handle first-level communication with all your online visitors while your team continues to work on more productive tasks.

Yugasa Bot is supported by a mobile app that allows human agents to watch all live sessions between your customers and Yugasa Bot.

The agent can take over or give back control of the chat anytime during an ongoing chat session.

Haptik, on the other hand, is a comprehensive platform that addresses all of your Conversational AI and client demands at every stage of the process.

Creating an efficient, Intelligent Virtual Assistant can be complicated, difficult, and time-consuming.

Haptik’s unique NLU provides your consumers with the industry’s most human-like conversational experience.

Its tailored industry-specific NLP, Machine, and Deep Learning models guarantee maximum accuracy compared to other NLU engines, reducing bot failures.

  • Analytics

Yugasabot has an easy-to-use Admin that lets you track how the Bot helped your customers and possible improvements.

YugasaBot also compliments Google Ad campaigns for better visibility, which can help businesses better understand their customers.

They also allow companies to implement the chatbot, making the process simpler. YugasaBot also performs lead screening and collects visitors’ contact data elegantly.

Haptik offers real-time analytics that can help you track the performance of bots and agents.

Improve the customer consumer AI-powered actionable recommendations and design bespoke dashboards to track genuinely important data.

It offers real-time insights into user behaviour and experience, lets you track KPIs, and fine-tune your customer strategies. 

  • Integrations 

Yugasa Bot offers seamless integration with HubSpot, allowing all Yugasa Bot communications to be directly visible within your HubSpot CRM, enabling streamlined reporting and customer management.

Additionally, the bot integrates with WhatsApp, one of the most preferred platforms for business communication, allowing you to attend to customers around the clock with a WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Furthermore, Yugasa Bot can enhance your Facebook presence by acting as a digital receptionist on your FB page and FB Ads, ensuring that every prospect is attended to by an intelligent assistant 24/7, maximizing engagement and opportunity capture.

A few other integrations of YugasaBot are with SAP, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Payment Gateways, Hospital Management Systems, and more.

Haptik is created with integrations in mind. It offers a full integration ecosystem for developing, authenticating, and transporting apps using various communication and security protocols.

Businesses can seamlessly interface with support and agent platforms, social media, payment gateways, and other software that supports APIs to provide a better customer experience.

  • Industry 

 Yugasabot serves various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and many others, providing tailored AI solutions for optimal results.

Enhance your eCommerce website with an AI-enabled chatbot that answers customer queries 24/7, significantly improving the customer experience.

YugasaBot supports over 100 languages and allows you to connect with patients on WhatsApp, the world’s most-used messaging platform.

This translates to increased revenue, reduced burden on your customer support team, and higher customer satisfaction. Leverage AI to guide your patients effectively. 

Serving over 500 enterprises, Haptik supports a range of industries, including travel, retail, fintech, gaming, and healthcare.

Haptik’s robust platform offers seamless integration, advanced analytics, and personalised experiences, making it a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage AI for superior customer service and operational efficiency.


Yugasa Bot is ideal for businesses looking for an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution that still provides robust AI capabilities.

Its integration with popular platforms like HubSpot, WhatsApp, and Facebook makes it versatile for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to automate initial customer interactions and reduce the workload on human agents.

Haptik is positioned as a helpful tool for companies looking to integrate conversational AI deeply into their customer service strategy and gain actionable insights from customer data.

The scale of operations should guide the choice between Yugasa Bot and Haptik, as well as the complexity of customer interactions and specific business needs.

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