A Chatbot To Train Students In Life Skills: CBSE’s #YoungWarriorNXTchatbot

In its schools across India, CBSE will support this initiative with a Chatbot-based learning tool called YoungWarriorNXTchatbot.

The initiative’s goal is to help students develop life skills such as self-awareness, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and achievement-orientedness, as well as employability skills and mental health and wellbeing.

The students will be able to interact with #YoungWarriorNXTchatbot on the CBSE website. The children can ask questions related to life skills through this platform and seek answers from experts in these fields.

CBSE shared an official statement and said: “A chatbot-based learning solution, the #YoungWarriorNXTchatbot, is leveraging existing platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram to reach young people.

Learning activities hosted are task-based, gamified interactions that challenge learners to complete tasks, while providing guidance & real-world nudges.

Since 21st-century skills cannot be learned through books alone, ‘doing’ is an essential part of building these skills. Participants who complete the tasks will be issued a certificate of completion jointly by CBSE, YuWaah, and UNICEF.”

Students are expected to learn about interpersonal relations at school by using this Chatbot-learning tool. The students will also be able to learn how to build relationships with others in the school community, and this will help them strengthen their ties with other children at their schools.

The chatbot is designed in such a way that it facilitates learning through a conversation where the young users can express themselves freely, receive constructive feedback on their ideas and choices and also learn from the mistakes they commit.

The students can ask questions like ‘what is a balanced diet?’, ‘how to control anger and frustration and manage stress?’ or even more complex topics such as ‘What are the causes of depression in teenagers?’ through this Chatbot-based learning tool which will be answered by experts in these fields.

CBSE and YuWAAH will also partner for the upcoming YuWaah Skills initiative. This program will aim to link young people with opportunities and assist them in upskilling towards entrepreneurship, employment, and social impact.

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