AI to help in detecting the health issues faced by wildlife in real-time

Artificial Intelligence to help in detecting the health issues faced by wildlife in real-time

AI helps in health issues: During the spring season, there is a harsh issue found at the California coast in a pattern that clearly shows that the marine birds have died from the dangerous domoic acid poisoning that is caused by the very harmful algal blooms.

If these symptoms were detected early or gave any clue which indicates from where and when these problems start spreading.

From this technology advancement, the researchers and the wildlife team have rescued red-throated loons, California brown pelicans, and other wildlife species from marine habitat and shifting them to wildlife rehabilitation centers who have been sound with the signs of neurological disease.

This procedure of rescuing and rehabilitating the wildlife has a drawback that if one looks towards the state map will end up concluding that these centers are not interconnected enough to control such a big issue at a big level.

Like if somebody at the one center is diagnosing a sick bird no one at the other center which is situated 40 miles away by road may not have a piece of information about it.

To solve this issue the researchers at UC Davis have recently tested an Artificial Intelligence system that has the capability for early detection of disease in the wildlife and then classifying its admission to the rehabilitation centers.

This initiative is brought out in a hope of sending a warning to wildlife agencies and researchers about the increasing problem among marine birds and other kinds of animals.

The artificial intelligence system work in a way that it scans the intake report which is produced by the 30 California centers and going the information of the wildlife through the listings such as age, species, diagnosis, and reason for admission.

AI helps in health issues, the AI uses natural language processing for categorizing the reports and then looking towards the patterns and the numbers of admission who are suffering from the same illness and injuries.

And the researchers of California have stated if this thing attains a proper success then in the upcoming some years they will expand its reach to the overseas countries.   

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