Conversational AI Chatbot Enables Landmark Credit Union

Conversational AI Chatbot Enables Landmark Credit Union to Offer Full-Service Customer Support

Conversational AI Chatbot: Landmark Credit Union, a $3.2 billion financial institution based in Dallas, Texas with over 300,000 members nationwide has partnered with Clinic to launch their Conversational AI Chatbot.

The virtual assistant provides members with an easy and modern method for quickly accessing and locating information on the website or mobile app.

The conversational interface allows Landmark’s customers to easily chat with the virtual assistant using either spoken or typed queries, maintaining context so that they can go in different directions during the conversation while changing information or handling multiple requests in a single interaction.

The bot is capable of understanding natural language, extracting key points from the text entered by members, and responding with multiple choice answers.

Conversation examples include: “I want to transfer money between accounts” or “How much are my deposits?” The virtual assistant confirms the request for information before providing it in a response similar to the response of a live agent.

Landmark’s chatbot accesses the credit union’s website and mobile app, enabling members to perform all tasks available on both platforms through their conversation with the bot without having to log into either account separately or change between sites/apps themselves.

“We’re beyond excited to be partnering with Landmark Credit Union,” said Jon Newhard, Clinc CEO. “We have been impressed with Landmark’s commitment to using technology to engage customers and provide superior service regardless of channel or time of day.”

“The use of Clinc’s AI technology is a great fit as we continue to enhance our member-facing technology capabilities both in-person and online,” said Brian Melter, Landmark’s Chief Experience Officer. “Clinc’s Virtual Banking Agent provides quick and immediate answers to common member questions 24/7.” 

The virtual assistant enables Landmark Credit Union to provide full-service customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week by quickly resolving 85% of inquiries made online or via phone call so there is no need for an actual human being.

The technology results in over 90% reduction in calls received compared to previously handled inquiries that would have otherwise resulted in the contact center or branch visits which are less convenient for customers due to work schedules among other reasons.

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