Facebook AI Releases an open-source Chatbot Blender Bot 2.0

Facebook AI Releases an open-source Chatbot Blender Bot 2.0

Blender Bot 2.0: During the time the Messaging and socializing application Facebook is coming up with new features give their users a better experience world regarding the sharing of messages, searching pieces of stuff online, online business setup, E-learning, etc.

Now after so many technological ideas in the field of artificial intelligence Facebook turned up with an AI which is named “Blender Bot 2.0” this is an open-source Chatbot that is built with long-term memory and searches over the internet to engage the user in intelligent conversation for a better experience.

The previous chatbots of Facebook that consists of AI models which are GPT-3 and BlenderBot 1.0 and that too are extremely forgetful but that doesn’t seem the worst part of it.

Those chatbots are also known for ‘hallucinate’ the knowledge of the user when asked a question that they are unable to answer. As for now, it does not matter that whether machines will learn or not, but the matter of fact is how.

And in the current scenario looking towards the growth and advancement in the field of technology, many companies are investing in “deep-learning” models that have their major focus on training larger and more complex neural networks to work accordingly to achieve greater levels of sophistication by making the memorize the data what they have learned from the course during the training process.

With time it has been proved that it is difficult for large models to keep going with the changes that are occurring online every single minute as a piece of new information continuously updating into its system all over the internet.

Now, Facebook is so excited to announce that they are all set to release a new open-source chatbot named as Blender Bot 2.0 with the help of their research platform ParlAI. It is a way better in conducting more extended knowledge and factually consistent conversations at once over multiple sessions rather than the existing state of the previous chatbot.

It has now improvised conversational abilities which have made it a serious contender for AI and machine learning research. The AI model of BlenderBot stores the information it gets from conversations from long-term memory.

The knowledge is stored by differentiating each person they talk to in a separate format with different identities which allows that no new information learned from one conversation will not be used for another.

The model can read and respond in real-time making this an amazing tool for keeping up with current events and can scan the internet for new information to have more data for the conversation.

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