Healthcare Organizations to use AI for Crowd Management

Healthcare Organizations to use AI for Crowd Management

AI for Crowd Management: Technology is the most important factor in the field of development similarly now the healthcare industry is not imagined without it. Artificial Intelligence has shown some unexpected and incredible results in the transformation of the healthcare industry.

Till now the AI has developed some good results such as diagnosing dangerous cancer cells, detection of heart disease in early stage, and the existence of deadly virus. The technological algorithms are a way ahead then the abilities of humans in detecting and uprooting them in a better way.

The proper healthcare system is confined to the proper care of the patient. The proper healthcare system also includes a proper framework for crown management system in the hospital premises.

This is the very crucial phase of a pandemic caused by a deadly virus because of which hospitals and clinics are facing huge crowd inflation. Now healthcare industry and its officials are considering and looking to switch to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes AI for Crowd Management purposes.

Wireless sensors and Bluetooth beacons are proved to be the priority of the healthcare industry. Bluetooth beacons are a hardware transmitter that is used to transmit signals through Bluetooth devices and this technology allows smartphones, tablets, and other devices to perform such actions when close to the beacon. As wireless sensors of mobile is an old invention but still in trend for medical technology.

The study of epidemiology that is conducted in 2012 brings out the fact that overcrowding and human stampedes all over the world have led to deaths of around 10250 and 22500 injuries in 83 countries.

While the number is subsidized to a large extent in the urban areas, city outskirts and rural areas are still facing the problem of overcrowding because of lack of availability. As massive inflation in-crowd can escalate the chances of contamination of the virus.

AI for Crowd Management, The health care industry brings out an ideology to encounter the problems caused by the crowd. The hospitals are now integrating Bluetooth beacons and wireless sensors to detect the abnormalities in the heavy gatherings inside the hospital.

The gadgets are designed in a manner that will raise an alarm if anything unusual happened and the action will be taken accordingly. The famous hospital groups and chains like Apollo is all set to adopt such feature of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in its infrastructure

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