Hyderabad International Airport using video from COVID-19

Hyderabad International Airport using video from COVID-19

For the sake of the safety of passengers and staff at the airport from the covid-19 pandemic safety rules. GMR Hyderabad International Airport brings out a new ideology regarding Queue management system which includes security cameras along with AI video analysis which helps passengers to experience less waiting time at passenger checkpoints.

The staff of the airport realized that the queue management system has so many checkpoints at the airport such as entry, check-in, security check, immigration, and reducing the wait time for passengers is a prime key to bring a better experience for the passengers along with safety.

The GHAIL collaborated with AllGoVision Technologies as the technology partner. This implementation was declared by the GHIAL in a press release, which stated that the new smart queue management system uses advanced cameras based on Video analysis with the help of AI.

This helps the airport staff to monitor the different key parameters such as passengers waiting time and take required actions for safety regarding the passengers as well as staff during this time of the pandemic.

The advanced video analysis uses various videos feed on different cameras to analyze and use Deep learning from the Artificial Intelligence model to accurately define the statistics of the passengers over time.

The airport along with the queue management system using this technology for broadening security systems for example camera tampering, parking violation, object classification, loitering, wrong-way detection, and left object observation.

In the press conference Pradeep Panicker, CEO of GHIAL mentioned that the airport has adapted improvised safety measures to make every passenger feel safe and secure at the airport and have a different experience of flight boarding during the time of the pandemic.

With this new smart queue management system, one can experience the use of technology, security, and safety provided in the airports which give the traveler a better experience than before and gives the passenger confidence to ensure seamless operation.

Hyderabad International Airport, The CEO of AllGoVision K Srinivasan stated that “This new artificial intelligence of queue management system is an aid to the airport to have a more efficient business intelligence for managing rush at the airport at the entrance, security booths, service counters, and immigration counters.”

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