Pepper Robots to remain alive Softbank

Pepper Robots to remain alive: Softbank

SoftBank Robotics Pepper: SoftBank, a Japanese tech firm, has denied that its cheerful, bubble-headed, and talking Pepper robot would be turned off. SoftBank Robotics Corporation’s spokesperson, Ai Kitamura on Wednesday stated that there will be no change in their Pepper business.

Pepper was introduced seven years ago which is centered around a rentals business and the production is being regularly adjusted, stated by SoftBank Robotics Corporation. While the production of Pepper Robots was halted temporarily but Kitamura has denied the reports which stated that Pepper might be killed.

The company has acknowledged the contracts of 330 workers of the SoftBank Robotics Pepper Corporation division of Paris which were being reviewed but routine action was taken against them but did not able to bring a dead end to Pepper.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, the need for social distancing has boosted the demands of robots like Pepper, which sometimes came in the used for checking the temperatures of people’s coming to the stores.

Pepper robots are costly arms that can move about on wheels and have been cheering and dancing in the stands at SoftBank Hawks’ home games in southern Japan to support the Fukuoka-based Japanese major league baseball squad.

The company added the latest gig in Peppers system which involves computer programming education in Japanese schools. Now, robotics technology is mostly used in manufacturing the production lines and the transport of every possible good all over the world.

The SoftBank Group Corporation, Chief Masayoshi son and founder along with other experts said that the Japanese have a special and soft corner for robots such as Pepper that similarly look like humans and show their emotions occasionally.

Kitamura mentioned that the outpouring of reaction from Pepper fans was appreciated, and showed how it has become a beloved icon in the field of technology. “As there are so many people who said that they would be sad if Pepper was gone.” Pepper somehow managed to prove that the robot is not at all harmful to the human race and denied the proposal of removing Pepper.

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