“Warning” Google to notify about hazardous search

“Warning” Google to notify about hazardous search

Google Warning Search: As the search giant Google says that users should be getting a relevant and reliable piece or collect information from it. So it is now going to issue a warning if it cant take a guarantee of the reliability of the given sources that are showing up in the given search results. Now Google will be notifying everyone if the search results are not reliable or unreliable.

The search giant mentioned that users should be getting relevant and reliable information from Google, so from now it will issue a warning that mentions it can’t guarantee that the source is reliable or not that is shown up in your search results.

The company mentioned that this might happen when there is not an accurate amount of information present on the topic that one is searching for from reliable or unreliable sources. Timely access to relevant and reliable pieces of information is an important aspect of the current situation.

This thing simply happens when any individual see something on social media post or having a conversation about any incident or topic related to any issue with a friend. One might switch to Google to check the piece of information or learn more about the issue which is discussed.

Google Warning Search, While the Google search is always going to be there with the most useful information to the results that individual is looking for. While in some cases one is not able to find relevant and reliable information online because of the unavailability, the company mentioned this in the blog post.

Google mentioned that this can be particularly true for breaking news or newly emerging topics regarding the information that is provided or published very first has fewer chances of being the most reliable.

To deal with this issue the company has trained its system to detect the topic immediately evolving over a range of provided sources which hasn’t weighed yet. The company will be showing a notice which indicated that you might check back later for the best information from the wider range of given sources which might be available in a period.

Google in response added that sometimes in the resulting search now one might notice a warning that it seems like these results are changing quickly and after this Google will visualizing a message which denotes “If this topic is new, it might be taking some time for better results to be added by reliable sources.”

Google also stated that they have decreased irrelevant results from searches by 40 percent from the last 5 years. The company said that they send billions of visits to the websites every single day and provide highly relevant results by which the company has been able to grow the traffic they send to sites every year since it is founded.

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