7 Useful eCommerce Software Features to Scale Your Online Business

7 Useful eCommerce Software Features to Scale Your Online Business

If you’ve ever wanted to scale your business, you’ll know that there are two important things you should focus on growing your sales and minimizing operational complexities. 

That’s where e-commerce software comes in handy.

Online merchants who manage their inventory manually know the time and energy it can take to fulfill orders and market their business. 

With e-commerce tools, you can simplify operations and optimize experiences to draw and keep customers more efficiently. 

In this article, we will review seven practical features that the best eCommerce software can provide to help you scale your business.

Why You Should Use E-commerce Software?

So why should you use e-commerce software, to begin with? 

Here are three main reasons why e-commerce would be helpful to your business.

Increase Sales 

E-commerce features that improve consumer experience and streamline purchasing can boost sales. 

Although analytics and insights aid firms in understanding consumer behavior and making wise decisions, inventory management guarantees that items are constantly in stock. 

Discounts and referral programs are examples of promotional and marketing tactics that may draw in new clients, while abandoned cart recovery emails and loyalty reward programs promote return business. 

Together, these features help e-commerce firms increase sales by enhancing the shopping experience, cultivating brand loyalty, and more.

Streamline Sales and Operations

By offering an online shopping platform for managing inventory, orders, and customer data, e-commerce features may expedite sales and operations. 

This decreases mistakes and does away with the necessity for human data entering. 

Time-saving and customer-satisfying features include automatic shipping calculations, real-time stock updates, and order tracking. 

To further streamline operations, you can also use business process management platforms to track workflows and processes. 

Using this alongside an e-commerce platform will greatly benefit your business. 

If you’re looking for business process management systems, check out this list of best business process management platforms.

Improve Customer Service

By giving clients quick and easy methods to communicate with organizations, e-commerce features may enhance customer service. 

Your customer service team can respond in real-time to customer queries and complaints thanks to features like live chat, support tickets, and product evaluations. 

Inventory management programs and fulfillment dashboards also contribute to faster delivery times, which is crucial to your customer’s satisfaction. 

A whopping 41% of ecommerce shoppers now expect to receive their online orders within 24 hours. 

You can only do this when you have an e-commerce system streamlining your fulfillment process.

Overall, these functions support e-commerce companies in providing top-notch client care that sets them apart from rivals and fosters client loyalty.

7 Useful Ecommerce Features to Scale an Online Business

So what features can you use in an e-commerce system to help you scale your online business? 

Here are some that you should highly consider using.

Fulfillment Dashboard

A fulfillment dashboard that offers a consolidated view of order management, inventory, and shipment status aids in scaling online businesses and is an essential e-commerce component.

From order placing through delivery, it helps organizations track and keep an eye on the fulfillment process. 

With real-time updates and notifications, businesses can guarantee timely delivery, minimize mistakes, and raise customer satisfaction. 

One e-commerce platform example that provides this well is Amazon, which provides users with a way to track orders and automate fulfillment. 

Amazon’s FBA program is one of the most stellar examples of simple and streamlined fulfillment. 

Inventory Management

Your business will expand by maximizing its inventory levels and assuring product availability, thanks to the essential e-commerce function of inventory management. 

It gives businesses a consolidated view of inventory levels, sales patterns, and purchase history to choose products and refill accordingly. 

You can minimize stockouts, reduce extra inventory, and enhance cash flow with an effective inventory management system. 

Optimizing your purchasing and fulfillment procedures helps increase operational effectiveness and cut costs. 

Inventory management is, in general, a useful tool for e-commerce companies wanting to expand and scale their operations.

Analytics and Insights

By offering data-driven insights into consumer behavior, sales trends, and product performance, Analytics and Insights is a useful e-commerce component that aids firms in growing. 

With an eCommerce website, you can collect data for marketing, product development, and customer experience by examining data like website traffic, conversion rates, and customer demographics. 

Use insights to measure key performance indicators, create targets, and track your progress toward goals. 

This way, you can boost productivity, income, and operational efficiency as a result. 

Promo and Marketing Tools

Promo and marketing tools are useful e-commerce components that aid in business growth by boosting consumer acquisition and retention. 

These resources include coupon codes, referral schemes, loyalty plans, and email advertising. 

You attract new clients and encourage repeat business best by providing incentives and promotions like sales, discounts, loyalty systems, etc. 

Also, it enhances brand recognition and consumer retention, which will significantly affect your bottom line.

With the use of effective marketing tools, businesses can target a wider audience and create campaigns that are more focused on increasing conversions. 

Marketing and advertising solutions are essential for e-commerce businesses looking to grow and develop their business.

Abandoned Cart Features

Features to recover lost purchases from abandoned carts are a crucial component of e-commerce that aids in eCommerce business growth. 

These tools allow your company to proactively reach out to consumers who may have added products to their carts but have not finished purchase.

Businesses can urge clients to finish their purchase by sending personalized messages highlighting the value proposition and providing incentives. 

By doing this, conversion rates are raised, cart abandonment is decreased, and income is boosted. 

Using efficient abandoned cart tools, you can also streamline your checkout process and enhance the consumer experience. 

Loyalty Rewards 

By encouraging repeat business and boosting client retention, loyalty awards are an effective e-commerce feature that aids in business growth. 

The best e-commerce platform to use is one that provides a loyalty program system. 

With this, you can entice consumers to return and buy more by rewarding them with incentives like points, discounts, or free delivery as they continue to patronize your brand. 

This will also help you build your brand image and increase client loyalty. 

You set yourself apart from rivals and increase client lifetime value with the help of excellent loyalty reward programs. 

Keeping current customers also helps to lower customer acquisition expenses. 

In general, loyalty programs are crucial for e-commerce companies aiming to expand their operations.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a useful e-commerce function that boosts consumer interaction and boosts revenue, assisting organizations in growing. 

When you use email marketing, you can create tailored campaigns that appeal to your audience by delivering customized emails to consumers based on their interests, activity, and purchase history. 

Additionally, you can tie up your email marketing with a lead magnet to encourage people to engage with your brand more. 

We highly recommend using educational content to do this, such as free courses, ebooks, or webinars that might showcase your expertise. 

For example, if you’re selling calligraphy materials, create a free calligraphy workshop for people to join. 

You can use an LMS to deliver this kind of value. 

Check out this list of the most popular LMS solutions with an email marketing drip campaign.

E-commerce on the Rise

In summary, having a strong product or service alone won’t help an internet firm scale. 

E-commerce software features help you streamline your operations, boosting income and improving your bottom line in the process. 

E-commerce continues to rise. In 2023, experts expect e-commerce to accounting for over 20% of global retail

If you aren’t yet, now is the time to start using eCommerce to scale your business like never before. 

E-commerce can help you achieve your growth objectives and stay competitive amidst the challenging world of business and sales, but only if you maximize your online store. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you achieve that. Best of luck!

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