Deciding the Career Success Path with Voice Assistants

Deciding the Career Success Path with Voice Assistants

Benefits of Voice Assistants: The concepts of studying with the help of internet or taking online course not new. But this concept was strengthened with the breakout of the pandemic.

The pandemic had affected the education system at large. Confining students and children in their homes prevented them from being productive, thereby reducing their quotient of creativity. Online classes were, hence, introduced to alter this problem.

However, no matter how fancy the new concept of online classes may seem, it entails challenges that are difficult to overcome. 

Education cannot and should not stop because education is growth. In order to make this happen, educational institutions, world-wide, are employing artificial intelligence to ensure smooth conduct of online education. The most used grandchild of artificial intelligence is voice assistants, also known as chatbots

Just like business endeavors and enterprises, educational institutions too have integrated voice assistants in their systems and infrastructures.

Voice assistants that have emerged to be the new voice of teachers have transformed the face of teaching and has opened avenues of possibilities of children today. Rightfully, voice assistants are the new teachers of the hyper-modern era. 

Perks of having Voice Assistants in Educational Infrastructures 

Educational infrastructures are getting smarter with neo-modern technology such as AI. Students of all ages are adapting to the new ways of teaching thereby growing more technologically adept. 

Today, the world is moving towards voice search. According to a survey, at least 50% of voice searches are made by students. 

Below listed are some of the ways in which voice assistants are benefitting the students and the educational institutions on a whole. 

  • Efficient management 

Humans, by ways of nature, are subjected to exhaustion while machines can keep functioning tirelessly. Given that a shift to the virtual space has caused rise of challenges, the management often gets compromised in the course of overcoming the challenges. This often hold teachers from investing themselves into value-added activities such as creative teaching. 

With voice assistants, data and queries are now easily managed. This has given rise to efficiency in logistics in educational institutions, eliminating chances of errors. 

Voice assistants maintain records of general and academic information. This is because voice assistants come with the ability to manage huge sets of data all at once. 

  • Quick feedbacks 

Students are always eager to know about their performances. Voice assistants are deployed to carry out the task of providing  feedbacks to the students on their daily performances.  Voice assistants are well trained to disburse unbiased feedbacks on students along with suggestions to improve the shortfalls. 

The feedbacks provided are comprehensive which can help students to work on important areas of their academic career. 

  • Better connectivity 

It is obvious for parents to be concerned about the kind of school their children are enrolled into and the kind of education they receive.  With voice assistants integrated in the infrastructure, parents can stay well connected and updated with the teachers and the school and can easily track the trajectory of academic progresses of their children. 

The benefits of having voice assistants in a system are endless. The academic conducts have risen several levels higher with AI-driven voice assistants. 

To make this fact strongly believable, here are some of the famous use cases where voice assistants have been successfully. 

The Famous Use Case of Voice Assistants for Education – Benefits of Voice Assistants 

Gone are the days of rote-learning. Children of today learn with games. The motto is to make learning fun and interesting. Employing technology has made this effort successful. 

Have a look at this use cases to understand better. 

Educational Gaming 

The “who am I” game with Alexa 

 The game of “who am I” with the host Alexa is a game that help children and even adults to exercise their brain to guess the answers. The game develops cognitive abilities of the players along with adding to their storehouse of knowledge. 

Conducting Mock Tests 

Teachers today employ voice assistants to conduct mock tests as well because mock tests help students to revise the lessons and recollect all important points.

With voice assistants there are possibilities of creative ways of conducting mock tests that help students in better remembering of the learnings. 

Play and Learn 

The concept of learning while at play is gaining prominence with every passing day. Voice assistants can be the perfect playmates of the children that can play and learn with them.

Education is a fundamental right 

One of the most significant and noticeable use cases is that the voice assistants are also being employed in government schools in India.

Once frowned upon for having poor infrastructures, government schools in India have undergone sea changes with the integration of voice assistants that are made available to all the students so that the reception of education remains uninterrupted. 

AI-driven voice assistants are transforming the society, pushing towards the day when India will be brought under the rubric of ‘developed country’. 

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