Checkout the Topmost Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

Checkout the Top most Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce: In today’s era of competitive world, exceptional user experience is just the means to sustain in the market. From the last few years, chatbots have taken the eCommerce business to heights of success. 

Due to the rise in eCommerce competition, clearly understanding the needs of users and their preferences has become quite vital. This is where chatbots role comes into play! 

Chatbots are enhancing customers experience in the eCommerce sector. So, eCommerce companies are looking to provide personalized and timely user engagement.

They are most likely better in client acquisition and retention simply by predicting what users are in search of. 

That’s not all! In this guide, we will see use cases of WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce. Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

WhatsApp Chatbot Benefits for Ecommerce Business

  • Enable users to take instant actions
  • Helps in building trust with users
  • Enable safe user communications 
  • Helps in achieving better brand recognition
  • Allows a real-time conversation with quick answers to all user queries
  • Enhance the users shopping experience

Lead Generation

It’s the most vital part of the complete sales process. Ecommerce WhatsApp chatbots enable you to automate this process completely. Once users begin the conversation by simply sending the message, you will get their name along with their contact number automatically. 

During this stage, you will have a good chance to incorporate a call to action through any of the below-given ways:

  • Product/category button
  • Chat invite
  • Campaign ads

Placing an Order

WhatsApp eCommerce bot no doubt is the ideal means for creating the single-channel experience for users simply from beginning to repeat sales.

Through WhatsApp chatbot users can browse and place orders easily which eliminates the requirement to take users to different platforms. 

This in turn increases the odds of sale. Many eCommerce companies can utilize WhatsApp chatbots for pushing the data to their database directly thus allowing users to order anything from their smartphones. 

Refund or Replacement Scheduling

The most complex part of the eCommerce customer flow is managing refunds as well as replacements. If not handled in a proper and smooth way, a bad refund experience might lead to unhappy customers. 

But a hassle-free refund experience can result in improved retention rates as well as customers loyalty. 

WhatsApp eCommerce bot provide a great replacement or refund experience to customers. How? Since it enables them to easily file for refunds and place requests for replacement in a quick way. 

Also, through WhatsApp chatbots, it’s easy to recognize the reason for refund and guarantees instant action. 

Dealing with Payment related Queries

Sales volume that any eCommerce company handles on a daily basis makes the handling of payment a difficult and huge task. But the poor payment experience can affect both sales and customers. 

Through WhatsApp chatbots, it’s possible to handle all payment related queries smoothly by simply guiding users to particular client service agents. 

Automating FAQs

Every eCommerce company expects its users to give a better experience right from the moment they visit your website till the end they made the purchase. However, during the complete process, users ask FAQs in order to make the decision of their purchase easier. 

So, these FAQs range from information regarding the company and product to refund policy, to payment options the company provides and so on. 

The probability that your client might return from your site is quite high on the off chance if you fail to answer the questions to their satisfaction level. 

But the good news is that WhatsApp chatbots can make it simple for you to manage FAQs since it enables you to give the answer to all user queries instantly. 

Also, this, in turn, increases conversion rates as well as minimizes all support ticket volumes since users can get solution to their queries instantly. 

Referrals – WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

The end objective of advertising is referrals through word of mouth. Companies want their users to recommend the services to their companions and family members. The reality is that people are 4 times likely to purchase any product or service when referred by a companion. 

Make use of the WhatsApp eCommerce bot for encouraging users to collect reviews of the app and send referral codes. 

Collecting Feedback

Collecting feedback from your users is not at all easy however it has become possible through WhatsApp. Now it’s quite simple to collect users’ feedback through WhatsApp chatbot. 

Due to the feature of a built-in camera, WhatsApp has made it simple to persuade users to take photos easily or to record videos easily and send them across. 

In addition to this, through WhatsApp, it’s quite easy to approach users at the right time since they check their WhatsApp messages instantly. So, when pictures and videos are received on WhatsApp chatbot, you can easily share them on your product page and social media accounts for generating more leads. 

Loyalty Programs – WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

Running the loyalty programs is quite a challenging task. Users won’t get into any loyalty program in case if they are not alert of its benefits and perks. 

But, through the WhatsApp eCommerce bot, it’s possible to alert the users regarding their balance, reward reminders as well as can text them to redeem their points 

All these nudges will inspire more and more users to join a loyalty program. 

Wrap Up

Hope this post seems interesting to you and helped you in knowing more about use cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce. 

Every day chatbots are developing and discovering new possibilities. In addition to this, apart from saving time as well as resources, it will give users a new shopping experience that they surely had not experienced before. 

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