Essential chatbot terminology you must know

Essential Chatbot terminology you must know

Chatbot Terminology: Reading about chatbots can sometimes be difficult for those who are new to the subject. it is anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the mechanical language, advertising terms, and numerous thoughts that appear to be recognizable, however, it has various implications with regards to chatbots or E-commerce.

Chatbot – Chatbot Terminology

A chatbot is a software that imitates human-like conversations with users via websites and mobile messaging apps. Chatbots replies to user’s queries and help them handle simple tasks without the help of a human. There are text bots, visual chatbots, and voice bots.

Chatbot builder

Chatbots are computer programs. They are made of several thousand lines of code. To build one you need to code it or use a chatbot-making platform (a chatbot builder). There are various frameworks and approaches, for people who don’t know how to make a chatbot from scratch.

Conversational channel – Chatbot Terminology

A channel is a place where a chatbot is launched and where users can interact with it. It could be a website, LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Kik, etc.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a complex set of technological solutions that makes computers more advanced and, at least in theory, human-like.

AI can make decisions based on reasoning, learn new things on its own, and imitate human behavior. It uses deep learning and artificial neural networks to simulate processes similar to the ones which happen in our brains.

The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly developing, and progress is made every year, although computers still have the intelligence of a toddler (with some mad math skills).

Natural language processing

Natural Language Processing is a technology frequently used as a chatbot and virtual assistant software feature. NLP interprets user input and tries to understand it.

This technology can make human/computer interaction much more natural. Through NLP people can express their intent with everyday language.

The NLP skills of common chatbots have been improving gradually, but they are still quite basic.

Even the most advanced AI chatbots can’t really hold a complex conversation without misunderstanding messages and being repetitive.

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of AI that enable chatbots to identify patterns in human language and learn from past conversations. Thanks to machine learning, properly programmed AI chatbots can improve over time without the help of a human.


API is the acronym for an application programming interface. It’s a toolset that lets apps communicate with other services and enables developers to integrate new apps into existing software.

For example, Facebook made its API public in 2016 and various chatbot makers were able to finally integrate their third-party solutions with Messenger.


Webhooks, also called a web callback, are automated API responses. They retrieve information from chatbot conversations, like email addresses or telephone numbers, and pass them automatically to web services. For example, to your CRM or email marketing software and the other way around.

Software integration

It is the process of joining or colluding two (or more) different systems, platforms, or applications.

Integration is important for transferring data across various pieces of software. There is no “I” in “team”, but “integrations” start with one – they are supposed to provide support and maximize the effectiveness of the core app.


Entities are keywords and phrases that are similar in meaning and that are crucial for your chatbot conversations. For example, the names of products and services you offer.

You can create your list of entities so that your chatbot can identify and retrieve them from user responses.

Because of that, your chatbot can provide answers relevant to user input. For example, it can recommend an exact product that customer has in mind

User: I would like to order an iPhone.

Bot: Which iPhone variants are you interested in?

  1. iPhone 8
  2. iPhone 10
  3. iPhone 11
  4. others

Chat widget

A widget is a part of graphical user interfaces. The most popular proper widget is a window. some of the desktop or browser-based simple computer programs that run on main website are frequently called widgets as well.

Welcome Message

An automatically generated message someone receives upon entering a website, turning on a computer program, or using an app for the first time. To send these messages in an elegant and unobtrusive manner, it is best to use chatbots. They are far more effective and enjoyable than pop-ups. It instantly grabs the attention of anyone who browses your website but does not irritate like ads.


  • It’s a default interaction that is triggered when the bot doesn’t recognize the user’s input.
  • I missed what you said. Could you repeat it?


Filters help your chatbot decide which response should be sent to users based on the context and the information the user provides.

For instance, your chatbot can ask a user if they are looking for a flat to buy or rent, and then display an offer relevant to their response.

Filters let you also show specific info to people who come to your website using a specific URL address. This comes in handy if you want to personalize your chatbot communication.

Quick Reply (Canned Responses)

When people think about chatbots they usually believe that you can have regular conversations with them – it is only partially true. Quick replies, so to say, “dialogue options” which users can choose when they talk with a chatbot. Chatbots frequently mix quick replies with some Natural Language Processing and keyword-based automatic responses.

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