How Chatbots and Conversational AI boosts Customer Service

How Chatbots and Conversational AI boosts Customer Service

Conversational AI for Customer Service: Customer service is the support you provide your customers- both before and after their purchase of your products or services. That usually helps them have an easy and amazing experience with you. Offering exceptional customer service is important if you want to retain customers and grow your business. Today, customer service is much more than the standard telephone support agent.

Era of Conversational AI – Conversational AI for Customer Service

Conversational AI is the next new wave of satisfactory customer experiences. It allows the program to be a part of human-like interactions. And this advancement empowers the applications to send automated replies. It is yet another example of the exponential rate of innovations taking place in the artificial intelligence field.

Customers appreciate the responsiveness and availability that businesses can deliver them and there is no denying that conversational AI is the ultimate solution to do so. In simple words, intelligent AI tools can help enhance the complete customer experience and deliver modern-day business solutions.

Customers appreciate the responsiveness and availability that businesses can deliver them and there is no denying that conversational AI is the ultimate solution to do so. In simple words, intelligent AI tools can help enhance the complete customer experience and deliver modern-day business solutions.

As a result, organizations are investing in conversational AI technologies such as Chatbots to serve customers constantly round the clock. The benefits of using this innovative technology are innumerable. Let’s quickly dive into it.

Artificial Intelligence is the changing factor of customer service and customer relationship management.

Businesses leverage AI to:

  • Gain real-time insights across all customer contact streams.
  • Optimize agent availability and opportunities for proactive service delivery.
  • Enable field agents to deliver service that relies on CRM data.
  • Deliver personalized services to all corners of the world.
  • Optimize scheduling and routing using complete CRM information.
  • Power chatbots to deliver data using automated workflows.
  • Automatically escalate and categorize using sensitivity and domain expertise predictive analytics

The whole idea behind bringing AI and its tools to interact with customers is because businesses have started to understand the significance of communication in the organization.

Conversation AI refers to technologies, like:

  • Voice Assistants
  • Chatbots

Components of Conversational AI – Conversational AI for Customer Service

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It is an intelligent method to analyze the language in conversational AI. Deep learning is believed to be advancing NLP in the foreseeable future, allowing businesses to experience high-end advanced NLP for better customer services.

NLP or Natural Language Processing involves four significant steps:

  • Input generation – Users provide data in text or voice format.
  • Input Analysis – In the case of text messages, conversational AI will use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to generate the natural reply to the user.
  • Output Generation – Natural language generation ( a part of NLP) produces a response to send to the user.
  • Reinforcement Learning – ML algorithms refine the responses to assure the right accuracy in the replies.

The entire process is about transforming the unstructured information into an accessible format that is quickly understood and readable by the machines or systems. The machine learning algorithms enhance the quality of response, with time, as it learns the process. It completely supports the idea of automated conversations and responses for any organization using cloud telephony.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a sub-field of AI, an innovative and intelligent combination of algorithms, data sets, and features bound to grow and improve with time. With capacity of input and time, recognizing machine learning patterns better deploy chatbots much smarter predictions for enhanced customer service filled with intelligence.

Advantages of Conversational AI for your Business

Conversational AI is a cost-effective solution for enhancing the customer service of your organization. There are considerable benefits that any business can experience if they inculcate business communication solutions like Conversational AI in their processes.

Some of the notable benefits of using Conversational AI for Customer Service

1. Cost-Effectiveness

A customer-based business will always fu=ind new ways to improve the end services. Employing a customer service department is nothing new that businesses never gave a thought to. However, the cost, in this case, would definitely be on the higher side.

On the other hand, if you go for Conversational AI, it is much easier for you to reduce the business costs that would otherwise have gone into preparing and training the employees. Conversational AI saves all these costs, at the same time delivering much more intelligent and exemplary responses to the customers.

2. Higher Customer Engagement – Conversational AI for Customer Service

Customers are consistently engaged with their cellular devices these days. Hence, businesses need to prepare themselves to provide real-time details for their end-users. Conversational AI allows the customers to engage with the brand using AI tools easily.

Businesses can establish a quick connection with customers using conversational AI. And this can be a good sign for your business and it might gain some potential customers within no time.

3. Multilingual Support

Customers prefer speaking in their native language considering they might not be fluent in English. And they expect to receive a response from the same language as well. So, even if businesses consider the English language as the lingua franca of today, it might be a hindrance to your business.

With Conversational Tools, you can easily convey your message in multiple languages, which results in better communication with your customers. AI tools use multilingual chat bots or voice assistants to show the customers that you’re trying to connect with them in their native language.


Well, AI is a reliable technology for improving customer service. And your business needs the right balance between conversational AI and human help to enhance your customers’ overall experience. And we, at Yugasa, have designed and developed an amazing chatbot, ‘HelloYubo’.  It is an AI-enabled and NLP-based Chatbot.

It could be your solution to improve your customer services. It is integrated with high-end technologies and top-notch tools that offer you intelligent solutions around your business domain. You can always get in contact with us, to help your business succeed in the right direction.

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