How Chatbots are beneficial in Financial Consultancy Business

How Chatbots are beneficial in Financial Consultancy Business

Financial Consultancy Business Chatbot: Customer acquisitions are one of the most important activities in a business. As a business grows it increases the scale of operations and so does customers. Handing a huge chunk of customers is complicated and if customer satisfaction is not taken care of then the success of a company is ephemeral. 

 This is where chatbots can be introduced and these chatbots help in reducing workload for employees and makes the whole operation efficient. 

Financial Consultancy Business Chatbot – How Chatbots are beneficial in Financial Consultancy Business?

Financial consultancy businesses like banks have their own apps that can be used to gather information. If customers have any query they are asked to contact the customer care. Calling customer care is a huge task in itself because it involves call diverting and in the end, the call might never reach an agent. Implementing the chatbot feature in the app will help customers get a better understanding of the services and if they have any further queries then the chatbot can connect the user with a real agent. 

Here are some benefits of chatbots in the financial consultancy business. 

Enhance Customer Support

Chatbots can help the user by giving a reliable answer for almost all their questions. These chatbots have 10 times more knowledge than a regular human being about a particular issue so the chatbot can give a detailed answer to the question. These chatbots can also help in reviewing and explaining various features of the application, help in making secure payments, help in filing a refund, report a stolen or lost card, and many more. There are also chatbots like YUBO which come with an AI-Enabled NLP Platform for Sales & Support Automation

Provide Financial Advice

Chatbots can also help in giving financial advice. The AI algorithms can analyze users’ spending habits and send insights to uses on how to save money or where to invest the saved money. The chatbot can also give advice on how to keep the expenses under control. The application can also notify users if they are following the same spending pattern and warn them via a text message. 


Chatbots like YUBO is an NLP based Chatbot having the capability to get connected with any Website, Mobile App, and Social Platforms. Having a chatbot on the social media platform helps you to connect with all the visitors who view your Social media handle. 

Promotion and Cross-Selling

The chatbot has a collection of all your transactions and bank data. The AI algorithm finds different offers and schemes from different banks that will suit your saving style and help you save for something special. Imagine saving a certain amount every month and transferring it to a different savings account. AI can detect offers from different banks so that you can transfer the same amount to a different bank and also gain interest on that money. 

Manage Internal Operations

Chatbots like YUBO offers an AI-Enabled Sales Funnel for your Business. YUBO starts the Best Conversation for you and your Business Domain. This can also be used to manage repetitive transactions. The user can simply click on duplicate the same payment again and the same transaction will be done again, this helps in saving time. 


Chatbots are proved to be extremely useful in running a business and they are very much cheaper and efficient than humans. YUBO helps you in managing all your activities through chatbots and helps you focus on other activities and helps in multitasking. Here at Yubo, we have the most accurate AI and NLP engine with chatbots crafted to augment digital ad campaigns. The guided implementation helps in maintaining a natural flow of conversation and you also get deep insights into the conversation with all your customers. Visit YUBO to empower your website with one of the most powerful and affordable chatbots available in the market. 

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