How Chatbots Can Save Millions for the Online Gaming Industry? A Complete Guide

How Chatbots Can Save Millions for the Online Gaming Industry? A Complete Guide

Chatbots for Gaming Industry: The online gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar market that has been growing exponentially in recent years.

With so many people spending time and money on online games, it’s no surprise that the industry is attracting more and more players who are looking to capitalize on this trend. Read till the end to know how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry. 

In the past 5 years, there has been a huge growth in the online gaming industry. But with this massive growth came a massive increase in costs for game development, server management, and customer support.

This is where chatbots can help. What makes chatbots so popular? Chatbots are not just another software application that e-commerce companies need to integrate into their systems.

Chatbots offer an entirely new way of interacting with users. So, let’s crack the secret of how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry?

What is a Chatbot?

Before proceeding to how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry, let’s know what exactly is a chatbot? A chatbot is a computer program to interact with human users.

Chatbots are often used in conversations with customers to answer general questions or provide information in areas such as product information, ordering, or customer service.

One of the benefits of having a chatbot is that it can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chatbots can also be used in text messaging when someone sends a text message to the bot which then replies back with relevant information when required.

These can be used on websites to provide visitors with information about products or services. Chatbots are often integrated into the conversational interfaces of other programs and used for customer service or information acquisition.

The Online Gaming Industry is Growing – By Leaps and Bounds

Online gaming has a massive global market, and a significant amount of the market is still untapped.

In 2017, the online gaming industry made about $100 billion in revenue, and that number is expected to double by 2021. The video game industry is not far behind, generating around $34 billion in 2017. 

As more people get access to the internet and new platforms emerge, the online gaming industry will continue to grow exponentially.

By 2022, it’s estimated that there will be 2 billion gamers across the world. This may not be as big as the television industry’s revenue of $500 billion.

Online gaming, also known as e-sports, is the fastest growing area of the $99 billion global video game industry. The overall size of the global video game industry reached a whopping $101 billion in 2019.

The e-sports sector continues to grow at a rate of over 5% every year, which is faster than any other segment in the market. E-sports play an inevitable part to answer how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry.

E-sports are played daily by more than 260 million people around the world. The worldwide audience reached 380 million in 2019.

Online gaming is expected to grow yet again in 2021. The global online gaming market will be worth $120 billion by 2021. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2%. 

How Chatbots Can Save Millions for the Online Gaming Industry – A Brief Tour

How chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry can’t be answered in a nutshell. The integration of chatbots into customer service and support presents a unique set of challenges including where to use them in the customer or player journey.

Gaming companies are increasingly realizing that the answer lies in developing chatbots for additional support channels as gamers love to chat, get together, and organize on messaging services such as WhatsApp, Line, and Discord.

While providing secondary channel services through chatbots is important, given their popularity among players, it is also important to help players get the support they need right in the game. The exclusives list below proves how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry-

  1. These types of chatbots help customers to submit tickets and resolve them without leaving their preferred messaging application, but they also act as a natural language interface for the company’s knowledge base. 
  1. AI conversational chatbots are especially useful for the e-commerce industry due to the high volume of customer service requests they receive and the need for an engaging and personalized shopping experience on the website. 
  1. Chatbots are used effectively to improve customer service, not only by providing personalized information and advice but also to perform actions such as updating policies, managing refunds, and changing credit card limits. 
  1. In chatbots’ usefulness, customers can immediately respond to orders, get answers to key questions, get general ordering help, quickly handle complaints and provide consistently friendly brand talk — all reasons chatbots provide high-quality customer service. 
  1. AI chatbots can provide an efficient and automated solution to cart abandonment problems by sending timely and targeted reminders to customers. For example, an AI-powered conversational chatbot is effective to provide a seamless pre-and post-sale user experience to increase customer satisfaction and increase the potential for repeat shoppers. 
  1. With AI-powered conversational chatbots, companies can reduce the number of internal support staff needed to process daily tickets and customer inquiries. Adding chatbot assistants not only lowers overhead by better using the time of help desk staff but also allows companies to provide a certain level of customer service during times when live agents are unavailable. 
  1. Chatbots are not only useful for customer-centric applications, but they can actually streamline internal operations in a myriad of innovative ways. 
  1. Artificial intelligence chatbots can be implemented to help customers find products in a variety of ways. The cool thing about chatbots is that they can replace customer service with artificial intelligence (AI). Using in-game support, both humans and chatbots can understand key information like people’s platform, operating system, and other factors to help them more efficiently without having to ask. 
  1. Developing interactive chatbots to help players can help automate the processes needed to solve any game problem. Chatbots are indeed one of the levels needed for omnichannel customer support in the gaming sector.

The Final Words

Companies and software vendors are already adopting chatbots to revolutionize business processes like e-commerce, customer support, expense tracking, and more.

As bots get smarter, new opportunities will arise that will allow us to see more use cases for chatbots in various industries and business functions such as customer service, sales, marketing, or even internal process automation.

But you need to know how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry in order to know what type of chatbot you need to stand out.

Implementing a chatbot for e-commerce or customer service can open up native messaging channels for your business and provide users with a quick and intuitive way to interact with your brand.

Done right, chatbots can be a great way to attract new leads and strengthen your reputation as a brand that puts customers first – in this sense – chatbots can effectively optimize your ability to serve customers and increase sales.

For instance, the Yugasa Bot uses a simple and fast interface in over 70 languages that allows you to reach every corner of the world, conquering all kinds of obstacles.

Chatbots in the gaming industry is an effective way to strengthen relationships with your customer if the technology is used properly.

We can see how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry. By improving customer experience and helping reduce costs, we expect that the use of chatbots in this sector will increase exponentially in the near future.

As a result, we encourage online gaming companies to start exploring and implementing chatbot solutions as soon as possible. If you want to know more about how chatbots can save millions for the online gaming industry, talk to experts now!

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