What are eCommerce Voicebot and their top use cases

What are eCommerce Voicebot and their top use cases?

eCommerce Voicebot: In the eCommerce sector, voicebots—virtual assistants that use voice recognition technology—have gained popularity. 

Customers may quickly and simply look for and buy products using natural language, which improves the convenience and effectiveness of online purchasing. 

We will examine some of the most popular uses for eCommerce voice bots in this blog. 

Businesses may better grasp how they can profit from this technology and enhance the consumer experience by understanding the different ways voicebots can be used in eCommerce. 

Top use cases of eCommerce voicebots 

Respond to inquiries about order status, refunds, and returns. 

The majority of online retailers deal with frequently occurring order-related queries. 

The most frequent question, which accounts for nearly 40% of all customer service inquiries, is “Where is my order?” Online buyers often worry about payment statuses, unsuccessful purchases, refunds, exchanges, and returns. 

Voice bots can handle any form of incoming eCommerce FAQ – you name it – with ease, saving time and money. 

eCommerce uses voicebots for things like store locators, describing product details, and identity verification processes, among other problems. 

A voicebot may manage each of the user journeys for these use cases. 

Speedy billing and payment collection

The checkout page on your website is likely where a significant portion of cart abandonments take place, even if you are unaware of it. 

It’s true that things ARE crucial when a user is on the verge of converting and is in the final phase of their purchasing process. 

A consumer who is eager and wants to complete their transaction right away may find one hassle to be too many. 

One obstacle and they’re on a competing website in an instant. Nearly 80% of internet purchase orders were really cancelled in 2021. 

Checking order status 

Voicebots can provide customers with updates on the status of their orders. 

Customers can simply ask the voicebot when their order is expected to arrive, and it will provide them with an estimated delivery date. 

Product recommendations – eCommerce Voicebot

Voicebots can provide personalized product recommendations to customers based on their past purchases and browsing history. 

Customers can simply ask the voicebot for recommendations and it will provide them with a list of relevant products. 

Check satisfaction 

Virtual agents can provide you with another avenue for client feedback if you plan carefully. 

Virtual agents can call clients at any time and ask them about their experience in addition to conducting a satisfaction survey after a chat. 

Speaking is simpler than typing, so if clients agree to spend time with you, your chances of discovering whether they are satisfied or not as well as what factors affected their opinion are increased. 

Will eCommerce voicebot grow in the future?

Voice bots for eCommerce are probably going to become more and more common in the future. 

It seems reasonable that more consumers would want to utilize voice assistants, like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, for online shopping as they grow accustomed to using them for daily tasks. 

Additionally, it is becoming simpler for users to utilize voicebots for eCommerce due to the rising popularity of smart speakers and other devices with voice recognition capabilities. 

The ease that voicebots for eCommerce provide is another reason that might fuel their expansion. 

Customers can shop online with a voicebot instead of using a small screen to type or a webpage to navigate. 

Customers in a rush or who have trouble utilizing a conventional computer or mobile device may find this to be very tempting. 

Voicebots for eCommerce is likely to continue to gain popularity in the future due to a mix of rising customer familiarity with voice assistants and the ease they provide. 

How can voice bots help you create and maintain relationships with your customers? 

Let’s delve a little more into some ways speech bots can improve the shopping experience for customers. 

Speech is the fastest form of customer help for resolving problems. 

Voice AI can improve customer satisfaction while saving time by using pre-written scripts and automated flows.

Voicebot can speed up self-service engagements at other times. 

This assists in providing the interactions that clients need. 

In the fewest number of repetitions possible, they can arrive at the solutions they require. 

In addition to speed and convenience, many integrations allow customers to avoid having to describe their problems at each point of contact. 

Voicebots powered by ML can improve personalization by making personalized recommendations. 

Customers can easily be guided toward products they are interested in. 

Utilizing customer data gives retailers more tools to manage future interactions. 

Frequently asked questions 

What distinguishes a voicebot from a chatbot? 

The method of communication is one of the key distinctions between a chatbot and a voice bot. 

One uses voice, while the other uses text. This distinction affects how you communicate as well; for instance, chatbots require you to know how to type, but voicebots cannot utilize visuals to interact with people. 

Is Siri a voicebot? 

Siri is a speech assistant that works with all Apple products, not a voice bot. 

Siri helps users carry out a variety of tasks hands-free, including sending messages or emails, playing music, opening specific apps, etc. 

Similar use cases for voice assistants include Bixby and Alexa. 

What are Voicebots? 

Voicebot is Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software, that enables callers to use their speech and, typically, spoken language, to navigate an interactive voice response (IVR) system. 

Callers are not required to pay attention to menus and press the correct key on their keypads.

Final thoughts 

The use of voicebots is becoming increasingly popular in fast-moving markets like e-commerce, where they can serve as competitive advantages.

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Please get in contact with us if you’d like to learn more about how to leverage speech technology in retail to create a joyful, future-focused experience.

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