How To Integrate The Chatbot With Email Marketing

How To Integrate The Chatbot With Email Marketing?

Chatbot Email Marketing: For over a decade, email marketing has been around for well. Known as the personal form of communication, a robust email marketing strategy helps offer personalized content, engage customers and create long-lasting relationships. 

While email marketing delivers results, you need to note the rise of chatbots recently. With consumers who want quick responses and direct attention, businesses are turning to conversational marketing. That’s where chatbots come into the picture with email marketing. Even research shows that 55% of people use chatbots as they want immediate responses. 

Apart from the customer service feature, chatbots help you qualify leads, provide an increased user experience and gather valuable customer data. In addition, chatbots also reduce operational costs by 30%. Yes, both email marketing and chatbots offer great benefits together. But the main question is how to integrate the chatbot with email marketing?

Five ways to integrate the chatbot email marketing strategy

#1 – Collect email addresses

If you want to make your email marketing successful, you need a qualified mailing list of people who wish to receive email communication from you. A chatbot is one of the most effective ways to grow your mailing list. They manage to grab the attention and engage website visitors. Users prefer to respond to chatbots due to their conversational nature. But, for that, you need to have an understanding approach. 

You can establish triggers as per your website visitors’ specific actions that indicate interest. For instance, if someone is browsing the blog, you may ask them whether or not they are interested in subscribing to your email newsletter.

Alternatively, you can also offer valuable benefits in the form of eBooks, guides and demos, via chatbots in return for their email address.

It’s essential to ask for an email address at a time when you’re convinced that the user is genuinely engaged in your brand. 

#2 – Create segmented mailing lists

Mass email campaigns no longer do the trick. People want to receive relevant emails that cater to their individual needs thanks to segmented. When you segment your email list, you can deliver the right emails to the right person at the right time. Marketers observed a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Here are some common ways to segment your mailing list:

  • demographics
  • location
  • personas
  • stage in the sales funnel
  • prior purchases
  • website behavior

Fortunately, you can configure your chatbot to gather specific data, helping you qualify prospects as per their responses. Create a conversion flow chart to arrange various possibilities and imagine different chat scenarios. 

You can leverage the gathered information to create customized and targeted email campaigns to drive engagement and conversions.

#3 – Generate and follow up with warm chat leads

Chatbot Email Marketing, Chatbots are always online, which means they can strike up a conversation with website visitors at any given point in time, offer personalized solutions, and convert them into warm leads.

Someone who has an interest in your product or service subscribes to your email newsletter, engages with your website defines the warm leads. They are valuable due to higher chances of converting. 

Hence, after generating warm chat leads, you can send them an email to build credibility while encouraging them to contact your sales team. You can include content such as case studies, customer testimonials, and reviews, among others.

#4 – Enhance customer service

Putting on hold or receiving “no-reply” automated email is more frustrating for customers. Even a study shows that 66% of consumers want real-time responses and interactions. That’s where chatbots come in!

Being available around the clock, chatbots can offer instant solutions and delight prospects or customers. After all, chatbots can different and have individual conversations with multiple customers at once.

It’s perfect for promoting your chatbot customer experience in emails and allowing people to get instant support by using the website’s chat functionality. You can consist of a link to your chatbot emails and post-purchase emails.

It would help if you also leveraged chatbots to gather quick feedback seamlessly and use that data to improve customer experience further.

#5 – Offer a communication channel preference

Not everyone likes to be frustrated with emails or text messages. For example, the X generation might prefer emails, but millennials are more likely to engage with chatbots. So, imagining a preferred communication channel is a big mistake as it ends up annoying the customer. To avoid this situation, you need to present several options and ask them for their preferred communication mode. It ensures your messages or emails are not going to spam or unread. 

By following these ways, you can integrate the chatbot with your email marketing strategy. If you want a successful chatbot for your email marketing strategy, get in touch with Yugasa Bot!

How can Yugasa Bot help in the integration of chatbot and email marketing strategy?

If you need a perfect chatbot integration for your email marketing strategy, Yugasa Bot is the right place! We have a dedicated team of experts who have many years of experience delivering proper integration of chatbot email marketing strategies. For more information about chatbot and email marketing integration, you can contact our experts today! 

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