Whatsapp Chatbot How To Develop A Good One In 2021

Whatsapp Chatbot: How To Develop A Good One In 2021?

Whatsapp Chatbot: The world is on Whatsapp – from old school friends and new partners to established brands and enterprises. Of course, it makes sense that businesses should be on Whatsapp as their customers are.

According to research, it is currently one of the biggest social platforms worldwide, with over 2 billion users. 

For businesses, Whatsapp Business was launched in 2018. This separate application runs the same way normal Whatsapp does, but businesses can use a single contact number to interact with all their customers who use Whatsapp regularly.

It allows them to have a unique business profile, showcase products, and services and eases communication management via labels. It is a perfect application for small businesses and professionals.

However, for established enterprises with thousands of customers who may reach out at any time for several reasons, a simple Whatsapp Business app is not quite enough.

They need to direct a customer’s attention, give the right updated information and create a consistent experience. But how? The Answer is Whatsapp Chatbots!

Whatsapp chatbot is already a boon for businesses by providing customized service to creating relationships, driving sales and enhancing brand visibility.

However, it is essential to understand what a Whatsapp Chatbot is, why you will need it, and how to develop the right one for your business in 2021. Let’s check out this quick guide to get started. 

What is a Whatsapp chatbot?

A Whatsapp Chatbot is a software program that enables you to embark on conversational commerce and manage customer problems. It helps you engage with customers and save their time by answering questions or confirming appointments in real-time, resulting in improving the customer experience. 

Why develop your own Whatsapp Chatbot?

Whatsapp Chatbot is essential for enhancing engagement and customer experience. More engagement means more customers will drive towards your business to take actions and lead the sales. It also helps in building trust and loyalty.

If you want to create your own, you get to leverage these engagement opportunities. You can also personalize the script uses to customize the experience for your customers.

It is an easy and secure way to communicate with your customers. Here are two advantages of using Whatsapp Chatbot for your business:

#1- Highly accessible

Whatsapp is one of the most admired messaging applications in the world. But why? This is because your end-users already have Whatsapp installed on their smartphone and they are familiar with this tool. 

#2 – High engagement

If you want to attract your customers to your business, Whatsapp is a great channel. This channel has a high response rate, with many messages being sent back and forward. 

How to create a successful whatsapp chatbot in 2021?

If you want to develop a Chatbot for Whatsapp without any hassles, you should have a clear strategy on how to do it.

The Whatsapp chatbot development also shares similarities with creating a Facebook Messenger bot; it offers more flexibility in customizations. Here are some steps you need to follow for creating the right chatbots for Whatsapp. 

Step 1: Meet Whatsapp Business API

If you want to create a successful Whatsapp Chatbots, you must first request the Whatsapp business API. Currently, this service is ideal for small-sized and medium-sized companies. You can select a customer or a service provider.

This app requires your company name, the website URL, and the name and information of the company representative. Once your app has been approved, you can start using the Whatsapp API.

Step 2: Think about the conversation.

Do you want to ensure your chatbot will answer your clients’ questions? If so, you need to think about the dialogue when it is being developed and deployed. It also includes thinking about how your robot should answer the questions you will most likely get. 

Step 3: Use a chatbot developer and a host in a database

A chatbot platform can help you save time by developing chatbots for Whatsapp. For that, the Whatsapp enterprise API client should be hosted using a database.

It ensures that end-to-end encryption is maintained. When you use a chatbot app, it is essential to create a demo of your app before developing the full version.

It will help if you visualize the changes before investing more time and money in the Whatsapp Chatbot production. 

Step 4: Test your WhatsApp Chatbot

Make sure your Whatsapp chatbot works well by answering your customers. Test your app to fix errors and check its functionality. The product will be of high quality and it is ready to improve the customer experience.

You can use a platform to develop a General Bot that can be represented on several channels. This step helps you improve your customer experience and create a bond of trust and loyalty between customers and businesses. 

Step 5: Install the chatbot on a number

After developing a chatbot and approving your number, installing the chatbot on that number is essential. You will have to give it a name, an icon, contact information, and link it with a chatbot platform like ChatCompose. 

Creating a Whatsapp chatbot is not an easy task. You can use this app, such as Botsociety, to create a Whatsapp Bot.

By applying these best practices, you can save your customers time and enhance their experience. If you want a successful Chatbot for your Whatsapp Business app, get in touch with a reputed chatbot development company like Yugasa Bot.

How can Yugasa Bot help in Whatsapp Chatbot development?

The Whatsapp solution of Yugasa Bot will help you build a no-code chatbot for free. But, you need to pay for Whatsapp Business API as it is essential to use Whatsapp APIs for Whatsapp chatbot development.

Our experts enable small businesses to leverage this two-way conversation platform for enhancing business efficiency and customer experiences.

Our budget-friendly solutions are a great way for your internal team, task management, and customer service. 

Want to give your business to the next level with a Whatsapp chatbot solution? If so, contact us, and let’s turn your business idea into reality. 

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