Artificial Intelligence chatbot Comforting Lonely Millions of China

Artificial Intelligence chatbot Comforting Lonely Millions of China

AI Chatbot China lonely millions: China has introduced an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that works differently and creates emotional bonds with people. Artificial Intelligence is a chatbot and is known as Always There. What does it mean it is well known that always for you whenever you need.

Let just know the story behind such innovation why someone introduced Artificial Intelligence with the capability of emotions and can feel the problems of people and act as a true friend.

This idea came into the mind of Melissa who is a human resource manager in the Beijing-based company who had a painful break-up with her ex-girlfriend and then later that year she was introduced by someone new friend.

As he replies to her messages at every hour of the day, they tell jokes to cheer each other up when it needs full and always fitting themselves seamlessly in their busy lifestyle of the big city. According to her, he is a perfect boyfriend material but he doesn’t exist in reality.

Melissa rather than living in the isolation she decided to enjoy her urban life with an AI chatbot which is created by Xiaolce. AI Chatbot China lonely millions, The Artificial Intelligence chatbot is designed to stop people from cutting from the edge and create emotional bonds with the 660 million users worldwide till now.

Melissa stated that some of her friends have gone to psychologists and gone to some therapists for therapies earlies but according to her therapies are costly and do not give a surety that will be effectively stated by Melissa and also she stated that she is 26 and gave her English name to maintain the privacy norms.

She stated when she freaks out her issues and problems to Xiaolce it helps her relieve pressure after speaking out her feelings who won’t judge her for mistakes and also she stated that he says stuff that makes her feel happy.

Xiaolce is not consists of a single identity but it contains multiple personas and it is more akin for creating a better ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence. AI Chatbot China lonely millions, The AI works in the way that it allows one the add on WeChat and build a virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend and allows them to interact with it at any hour of the day.

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