HUL influences by AI along with ML data for the smarter supply chain

HUL influences by AI along with ML data for the smarter supply chain

AI ML data for smarter supply chain: India’s largest Fast Moving Consuming Goods company Hindustan Unilever Ltd is doing reconfiguration of their entire supply chain which is going to enable them to complete delivery on time of the products and services by using the newly developed digital technologies.

Which includes artificial intelligence along with deep machine learning and the data analysis that will be going to enable Hindustan Unilever Ltd in customizing their products which is available for the people at the million of stores that to based on the vicinity of the customers.

The chairman of Hindustan Unilever Ltd Sanjiv Mehta has stated that there are three big assets of the company and that are data, brands, and people.

The company has stated that the goal of the company is that they wanted to become the most intelligent in the consumer goods enterprise. In comparison, it was found that a grocery store which is situated in south Mumbai has more possibility of having a completely different assortment of the products that too in comparison to a same-store in the Dahisar.

The algorithms in the past are based on what is being sold by the individual. Presently the algorithms have been modified and they are now based on the who the consumers are living in locality and what they want and what are the living standard of measure and the categories of the product they would prefer or they have adopted earlier.

Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Ltd Sanjiv Mehta in an interview with BusinessLine stated that the company would be able to customize the product of each of the millions of stores.

AI ML data for smarter supply chain, The company is deploying data and technology for feeding the real-time information to the entire supply chain which also includes factories and fulfillment at the centers that need to be used in precision marketing which works where there is more demand.

The company’s vision is that what the individual is selling more and that product they need to manufacture tomorrow and this is the vision which they will be taking some time to implement and create its reach at achieving success but the company is progressing towards it.

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