Maharashtra govt revamped Mahavoter chatbot to increase voter engagement

Maharashtra govt revamped Mahavoter chatbot to increase voter engagement

Mahavoter chatbot: Elections are crucial for India, as they are the largest democratic country in the world. The introduction of automation and the use of technology is a good way to engage with voters and reduce errors in voter registration.

Maharashtra govt revamped Mahavoter chatbot to increase voter engagement. UPS Madan, the state election commissioner, inaugurated the chatbot, which is designed to make voter registration quicker and answer voter questions.

According to Madan, voters should take full use of this opportunity. There will be a direct connection to look for one’s name in the voter list, register a new name, or correct one’s name.

An official statement by the election commission said: “It had all the information about the voters and polling.

SEC is coming with Mahavoter 2, an expanded version which covers the voter registration process, especially keeping in view the special summary revision which is being implemented by the Election Commission of India till November 30, 2021.”

The Mahavoter chatbot will be available in Marathi and English. It will also give details about polling stations, an assembly constituency, and the results of elections.

Maharashtra govt has been trying to implement new methods and technology in order to make voter registration, the voting process, and election results more efficient.

The link for the chatbot is available on the official website of Maharashtra Voter.

People can use the chatbot on Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, or website portal Apart from this, one can get information by sending Hi on WhatsApp number +91-7669300321 or by visiting

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