Want to boost your marketing sales? Integrate email campaign with chatbots

Want to boost your marketing sales? Integrate email campaign with chatbots

Email campaign chatbots: One of the most important sources of website traffic is email marketing, and once visitors arrive on your site, chatbots can assist them with whatever they need.

Chatbots, on the other hand, can be used to acquire relevant user data for your email marketing campaigns. This is a well-balanced loop in which both can contribute to each other’s improvement and work together to provide improved user experiences.

Do you want to learn how integrating email campaigns and chatbots can help your marketing efforts? Here are a few examples of how you may combine email marketing and chatbots for greater outcomes. 

Chatbots and email campaigns can help you improve customer service – Email campaign chatbots

Users may be unfamiliar with your products and services when they visit your website (or landing page). As a result, someone should be able to guide them and improve the process efficiency.

You can accomplish this by integrating chatbots into your website and resolving the issues raised by prospects. I recommend collecting prospects’ email addresses so you can follow up with valuable emails using a professional email template. 

Use Chatbots to Generate Email Marketing Leads 

Using chatbots to create leads by collecting email addresses for email marketing is the simplest way to link chatbots and email marketing. By

offering incentives, chatbots might ask your website visitors to share their email addresses. You can programme your chatbot to ask for a user’s email address at the end of a conversation, for example.

The incentive could be that they will receive personalized offers and discounts, or that they will be kept up to speed on the most recent content on your website, for example. Chatbots may also request your email address in order to connect you with the company’s team or give better service. 

This is a quick and easy solution to create email marketing leads while maintaining a nice user experience. This type of email marketing and chatbot integration might provide your company with a new stream of lead generating.

Furthermore, because these are your website visitors that interacted with the chatbot, the leads obtained this way are already qualified. You can also use the chatbot to construct customer satisfaction surveys and receive responses via email. 

Chatbots can be used to create segmented email lists – Email campaign chatbots

Chatbots collect valuable user data and insights that may be used to segment your email lists based on various criteria. For example, you may split your email lists based on demographics such as age, gender, and so on.

You may take it a step further by creating segmented email lists based on previous purchase history and user preferences. This can happen in real-time with chatbots.

Chatbots may gather this data and match each user with the most relevant email lists. They have the ability to deliver this information to your email marketing platform as well as specialized mailing lists. 

This boosts the efficacy of your email campaigns by a factor of ten because you can now send customized emails to distinct lists of people. Personalize your emails with information from chatbot conversations. In

addition to the preceding point, chatbots can assist you to personalise your emails by providing information about the user.

It’s not just for segmented email lists; it can also be used to personalize emails on an individual basis. Chatbots are programmed to ask users particular questions and offer customized product recommendations and insights. 

This vital user information is saved in chatbots’ previous conversation logs and can be used to send tailored emails. Consider this scenario: a customer purchases a product based on a chatbot’s recommendation, and you send the consumer an email with similar product recommendations.

Given that they have already made a purchase, showing them items that they might enjoy will increase their likelihood of making another purchase.

Personalizing letters like these might help you engage your audience and urge them to buy from you again. This means that one of your eCommerce sales tactics for 2021 should include email marketing and chatbot integration. 

To encourage people to read your emails, use chatbots to provide reminders. 

Email marketing and chatbot integration can aid your organization in a somewhat unusual and lesser-known method. Chatbots can be used to deliver reminders to folks who haven’t opened your emails yet.

Users can receive push notifications from most complex chatbots. This function can be used to send a reminder notification for emails that haven’t been opened, increasing your email open rates. 

Integrate Chatbots with Email Marketing to Automate Your Emails – Email campaign chatbots

As a response to certain triggers, several advanced AI chatbots may send automated email notifications. You can choose which triggers to use and

what message to send when the chatbot is activated. Let’s imagine a new user has subscribed to your emails and submitted their contact information to the chatbot.

This can be used by the chatbot as a trigger to send the user an automatic welcome or thank you for subscribing email notification.

It can also notify your team via email when a new person has joined. This screenshot from the Landbot chatbot builder demonstrates how this unique email marketing and chatbot connection may be accomplished. 

What role does Yugasa Bot play in the integration of a chatbot and an email marketing strategy? 

Yugasa Bot is the place to go if you’re looking for a great chatbot integration for your email marketing plan.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience implementing chatbot email marketing tactics. Contact our experts today for more information about integrating a chatbot with email marketing! 

Sum Up 

You can boost your marketing performance by including chatbots in your email marketing. Chatbots are an excellent addition to email marketing and can assist you in creating more effective, targeted, and personalized email campaigns.

You may increase visitors to your website with email marketing and leave lead nurturing and conversion to chatbots. Alternatively, you may utilize chatbots to capture email addresses and then use emails to engage and nurture the leads.

In either case, combining email marketing and chatbots can help you get more leads, nurture them, and convert them into sales. Use these five pointers to make your email marketing and chatbot integration go smoothly.

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