How AI Chatbots are boosting the logistics and supply chain Industry 2021

How AI Chatbots are boosting the logistics and supply chain Industry 2021

Chatbots in logistics: Chatbots have emerged as one of the main tools to ease communication and management for organizations of various verticals. Experts predict that 85% of all customer interactions are going to be handled without any human involvement.

As various industries are leveraging chatbots, the logistics and supply chain business has also found ample use of this result-driven technology. In the following article, we will explore more about how chatbots in logistics help supply chain and transportation to offer a better service and enhance customer experience.

Impact of Chatbots in Logistics and Transportation

An AI-based chatbot can help a logistics company in two ways:

  • Improving customer-facing operations
  • Supply chain operations

Chatbots in Customer-Facing Logistics Operations

Chatbots go above and beyond to ensure optimum customer service. Let’s see how chatbots play a role in logistics to help you serve your customers better-

1. Request a Delivery

Customers can directly interact with chatbots to place an order. The chatbot usually handles important order details like pickup and delivery location, rates, dates, and more similar to a human agent. It can as well process orders and send an invoice directly to the customer’s email.

2. Track a Shipment

Using chatbots the tedious process of tracking things becomes easy and simple. Customers don’t need to type the whole tracking number every time to know the status of their placed purchase. Instead, they can just ask the chatbot and get help instantly with all tracking issues. The chatbot will always remember the details to provide a context-based service to your customer.

3. Amend an Order

Customers can make required changes to their orders just like they place an order with the chatbot. This tool can also pull in tracking numbers based on the previous conversations and apply special conditions if required. And all of this is done without any human involvement.

4. Get Delivery Notifications

You can use the logistics chatbot to send updates regarding the delivery to your customers. This process makes it easy for your customers to revert back and also clear all their queries on the same interface in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Chatbots in Supply Chain Operations

Chatbots in logistics operations can ensure a seamless flow of information. The data collected and required for everyday operations can be quickly examined by employees with the help of a chatbot. A logistics company may use chatbots to handle various kinds of information like-

1. Customer Orders

Using chatbots, you can access and review your customer orders. You will have the information of all the orders placed through chatbots and you can even link it with data from various sources. Logistics chatbots make your work easier by handling all data related to customer orders in real-time.

2. Fleet Information – Chatbots in logistics

Companies use transportation apps to track their vehicles, routes, and the status of their sales. It’s important to track the details of the vehicle to manage orders and delivery routes.

You can easily ask your chatbot to know which vehicles are not in use or which one is closer to a pickup point and assign duties effectively.

3. Warehouse Matters

AI-based chatbots in logistics make warehouse operations and inventory management easy. Wouldn’t it be easy to find a particular package stored among thousands of others without messing with all the orders? Well, the solution is a chatbot. You can directly ask your chatbot regarding the package and it will tell you the exact aisle number and the rack section.

4. Personnel Information

You can also track the status and availability of your employees, staff using these tools empowered in your apps. Chatbots make your overall work process easy and error-free.

Benefits of leveraging Chatbots for Logistics Enterprises

1. Reduced Costs

You can easily save up to 30% of your investments on customer support while leveraging chatbots in logistics.

The technology can answer 80% of usual questions and resolve customer issues swiftly. You don’t need to employ any extra human labor and can automate a big part of your customer service. All you have to do is invest in building a chatbot. Many businesses cite cost reduction as one of the biggest advantages of transportation chatbots.

2. Increased Availability for Customers

With a human agent, there also comes limitations like they cannot work throughout the day and night. They need breaks in between and not to forget the weekend offs, national holidays, sick leaves, etc.

But an AI-powered chatbot can function around the clock without any of these limitations. You can provide customer support 24/7, that will bring loyal customers.

3. Optimized Time Management

Chatbots in logistics enable a seamless flow of information and streamline workflow. Having a central database linked with chatbots serves as an instant portal for employees to get information anytime. In the end, you’ll be able to save a lot of time that can be utilized for productive purposes like getting more sales and expanding your business.

4. Better Workflow – Chatbots in logistics

AI chatbots can leverage human intelligence and function similar to an assistant but a virtual one. You can also empower your chatbots with voice recognition, natural language processing (NLP), IoT, machine learning, etc.

All of this will only help you make it big in the industry and run your organization without many bumps.You can use these top-notch technologized chatbots to enhance your workflow in real-time.

Chatbots can also save a lot of unnecessary conversations between employees. Integrating these into your businesses can help various departments coordinate together to accomplish tasks without much hassle.


Chatbots in logistics is the new driving factor for businesses to succeed. The faster you leverage these AI-powered tools, the better will be the future of your business. We, at Yugasa Bot, have built the most efficient chatbot that will reduce half the workload.

It is a blend of various technologies that ensures a smooth workflow. You can contact us, anytime, if you want your business to thrive with the help of a chatbot. Our experts will assist you in various ways and deliver you the right end product.

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