New WhatsApp Business Pricing What It Is How it Affects Your Investment

The New WhatsApp Business Pricing: What It Is and How it Affects Your Investment

New WhatsApp Business Pricing: ‘WhatsApp Business App’ and ‘WhatsApp Business App API’ are two very common terminologies prevalent in the messaging world today.

There is a significant difference between the two. The WhatsApp Business app was designed specifically for small business owners.

Businesses can easily interact with customers using the free app’s tools to automate and quickly respond to messages. This enables ‘automation’ and not the AI-enabled or ‘intelligent automation’ though.

What is WhatsApp Business App API?

The WhatsApp Business API enables you to interact with clients worldwide in an easy, safe, and reliable way using WhatsApp with the help of ‘intelligent automation.

Thinking of using WhatsApp Business API to expand your market?Partner with Yugasa Bot. The team is a messaging expert in automating ‘enterprise business to customer communications’.

The WhatsApp Business API is designed for growing businesses and larger companies, and it has a lot to offer. It has a number of advantages, including:

  • Responding to customer queries using a programmatic approach.
  • Option of integrating AI enabled NLP based chatbots with WhatsApp.
  • For easy chat and customer management, having a centralized dashboard.
  • Option of Human Agent being able to take control of any communication and instructing the bot to take a back seat. 
  • Allowing integration of third-party software like CRMs, ecommerce databases etc.
  • A green checkmark indicates that an official business account has been verified.
  • Performance and key metrics are measured and tracked.

How much does WhatsApp Business API Cost?

The price of the WhatsApp Business API is determined by the Solution Provider you select. There is a lot to learn about the various pricing options and how they are structured, so once you have a good understanding of the system, we recommend that you may contact us for more information.

The messages sent by WhatsApp are charged to your Solution Provider. They currently have a set pricing structure in place.

Let’s take a look at the current WhatsApp Business API Pricing System before we introduce the new WhatsApp Business API Pricing Model:

WhatsApp’s existing pricing system for business:

  • WhatsApp only charges customers for business-related texts that they have agreed to receive, such as delivery notifications.
  • When a customer (user) sends you a message, you can respond for free for up to 24 hours from the last user message.
  First 250k Messages Next 750kMessages Next 2MMessages Next 3MMessages Next 4MMessages Next 5MMessages Next 10MMessages >25MMessages
INR 0.2937 0.2937 0.2811 0.2811 0.2678 0.2545 0.2412 0.2280

These are the prices directly from WhatsApp. Generally on top of this, the solution provider company has to add on some price per message to account for her expenses in maintaining the infrastructure to make her business a viable one. These prices are for messages within India.

The New WhatsApp Business Pricing: What It Is and How it Affects Your Investment

Old Pricing

New WhatsApp Business pricing: Commencing from February 2022

New WhatsApp Business pricing will be introduced on February 1, 2022! WhatsApp’s commercial pricing strategy is evolving. WhatsApp will stay free for WhatsApp consumers and small companies using the WhatsApp Business App only! But for Businesses using WhatsApp Business API, starting February 1st, 2022, WhatsApp will switch from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. Instead of being charged for notifications sent, businesses will be charged per conversation.

What is the cost of the WhatsApp Business API, and what are the new rates across the world?

WhatsApp’s Business app APIs will switch to a conversation-based pricing model next year, charging businesses per customer interaction.

Facebook has announced that WhatsApp Business will adopt a new, conversation-based pricing model starting in February, charging businesses based on both ‘business-initiated’ as well as the ‘user-initiated messages.

Despite the app’s controversial new privacy update, which has caused many users to migrate to alternative, encrypted messaging apps such as Signal, WhatsApp’s user base continues to grow.

Although the WhatsApp Business App remains free to use, the new WhatsApp Business API (WABA) will charge businesses for access to the API.

And this is what makes this pricing model so intriguing: instead of charging for each individual message, WhatsApp is focusing on how the Business API is used and the value it provides.

Business users can concentrate on providing a positive customer experience rather than worrying about how many messages back and forth are required to complete a task.

  • The new pricing model distinguishes between whether the business or the user initiates the communication.
  • WhatsApp Business rates apply to both versions! Only the prices are different!
  • WhatsApp still charges businesses per 24-hour chat window rather than per message. The 24-hour window starts from the first Business-Initiated message.
  • During these 24 hours, costs are only incurred once, and WhatsApp Business costs vary depending on the recipient’s phone number’s country code.
  • When the organization writes – whether it’s to answer a request or sends a WhatsApp Push message to its consumers – it pays to WhatsApp!
  • For businesses, the first 1,000 conversations are free per month and per WhatsApp business API account. 
  • Conversations initiated from a Facebook page or Facebook / Instagram Ads are also free.
  • Your customers / private WhatsApp use is still free!
  • Nothing changes for 96 percent of Messenger People customers, but new opportunities emerge.
  • Customer service and general support inquiries are examples of user-initiated requests.
  • Post-purchase notifications, for example, are business-driven.
WhatsApp will charge the user when the user initiates the conversation. INR 0.2906
WhatsApp will charge if the business initiates the conversation. INR 0.4843

Again, these are the prices directly from WhatsApp. Generally, on top of this, the solution provider company has to add on some price per message to account for her expenses in maintaining the infrastructure to make her business a viable one. These prices are for messages within India.

Make sure you’re not spamming your users with messages, as it will lower your Quality Rating. The new rate card will take effect on February 1, 2022.

Following illustrations may help in understanding costing difference better:

The New WhatsApp Business Pricing: What It Is and How it Affects Your Investment

Business-Initiated Message Session

The New WhatsApp Business Pricing: What It Is and How it Affects Your Investment

User-Initiated Message Session

YugasaBot is here to help you understand the Pricing.

You would have seen the results if you had already invested in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a channel that helps you save money on customer service by reducing the time it takes for a problem to be resolved. Our customers’ cart addition and conversion rates also have risen dramatically.

WhatsApp has been rolling out new types of business messaging features that are relevant to millions of businesses in recent months, and it will continue to expand the capabilities of its WhatsApp Business API.

We’re being proactive and sharing this ahead of time so that you can alert the sponsors and provide them with additional context.

We want to help you understand the impact of the new price on your total cost at every step of the way so that you can better track your usage costs and invest more in this channel to get even more value.

If your competitors are leaving because of this, you should double down on WhatsApp and use it as a direct-to-consumer channel to gain more market share.

The current user base of WhatsApp end-users in India is close to 40 crore users and its increasing at a rate of 16.6% per annum. 

YugasaBot is an NLP-based Chatbot structure with AI integration. Our popular WhatsApp Chatbot offers a variety of features to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

We are a reputed and reliable WhatsApp Chatbot development company with experienced developers who have delivered high-performance Chatbot solutions for many years.

Partnering with a WhatsApp Business Option Provider like YUGASA BOT and using the platform they’ve established is a simple solution.

When you choose YUGASA BOT as your WhatsApp Business Chatbot Solution Provider, you can avoid the difficulties and problems that come with building your own.

What benefits does the YugasaBot WhatsApp Business API Chatbot service provide?

  • Quick Implementation

Using our WhatsApp support tools, you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Get more work done.

With smart features, you can create efficient interactions and set your team up for success. The support worker will be automated and you will be able to focus on other parts of your business.

  • Simple to integrate

Integrate with existing tools for a more efficient response throughout your organization.

  • Use our Bot HACK feature on WhatsApp

Yugasa Bot comes with a seamless HACK (Human-Agent Control Kit). Using this feature, Human Agents can anytime tell the bot to take a back seat and after resolving users’ tough queries, can instruct the Bot to take the conversation ahead again.

  • WhatsApp and Email Campaigning .

Create a campaign from an easy-to-use Admin Panel to connect your customers via email and/or WhatsApp.

  • Templates for broadcasts

With Flow Builder, you may broadcast any WhatsApp Template Message.

  • Recognition of intent is done automatically.

Differentiate between topic-specific messages and send the appropriate responses.

  • Integrate WhatsApp with your website.

With the Omnichannel Widget, your consumers may start dialogues.

  • Make click-to-ads.

Create Facebook advertising that leads to a WhatsApp discussion with ease.

  • Obtain information from third-party sources.

HTTP requests are used to push and pull data from third-party sources.

Yugasa Bot, as well as other BSPs and our customers, had anticipated the change in the pricing model.

Brands are ready to invest in WhatsApp now that they’ve realized the platform’s potential as a channel. Nothing changes for 96 percent of Yugasa Bot customers, but new opportunities emerge.

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