Top 8 Use Cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot for Tours & Travel

Top 8 Use Cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot for Tours & Travel

WhatsApp Chatbot for Tours & Travel: Companies in the travel industry are always on the lookout for ways to respond to clients’ questions quickly and accurately.

With the numerous inquiries about itineraries, booking details, and other concerns, the support crew finds it difficult to respond in a timely manner. 

Not to mention the fact that most businesses are geared up for a 9-5 workday. When it comes to traveling, however, the activities do not have to be completed within a certain amount of time. At any given time, the consumer may encounter an issue or want additional information.

It leads to a slew of additional queries, especially once the buyer steps foot in a foreign country. Or when a reservation needs to be changed late at night. When it comes to this, promptness is crucial. 

The approach is to avoid overworking and exhausting the personnel. This would result in a disgruntled staff and boost support expenditures unnecessarily.

This is when a WhatsApp Travel Chatbot comes in handy. 

Travel Chatbot on WhatsApp WhatsApp Chatbot for Tours & Travel

A WhatsApp Travel Chatbot would help automate a range of functions, making life easier for both customers and employees. 

A channel that can respond quickly and precisely. And a channel that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is a great benefit to businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the different uses for a travel bot: 

Case Studies: 

1. Travel Itinerary Builder with a WhatsApp Chatbot 

Making a tight-knit vacation plan takes the majority of one’s time. People frequently spend hours devising the ideal strategy. 

Why not ask the WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel for an ideal itinerary instead of researching and saving time? Simply provide a few details, and the bot will provide suggestions for places to visit, activities to participate in, shows/restaurants to visit, and so on.

2. Select the Most Appropriate Seat 

Your customers may now look for the best flight/train/bus tickets that meet your specifications using a WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel. 

The bot, as an expert, displays the available flights, for example, based on the information provided. 

As a result, your customers will be able to search for any availability and receive the best offer while on the road using the bot.

3. Rescheduling or Cancelling the Reservation 

As soon as the world was put on lockdown, the necessity to reschedule and cancel reservations became critical. Even if you don’t travel, rescheduling and canceling are important aspects of any industry.

There’s always the risk that travel arrangements or reservations will be changed at the last minute. Given the high level of uncertainty, having a platform that is frequently used as a route for changing reservations with one click is a significant bonus.

4. Using the Whatsapp Chatbot for Travel Assistance 

As previously stated, in the travel industry, promptness and accuracy are the keys to satisfied customers. It’s also critical to be available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A consumer may have a collection of queries that they’d like answered or may require short advice while traveling or even before the voyage. 

We can see how the bot can assist with some amazing on-the-spot suggestions! As a result, the heavy-duty questions will be handled by human reps. This increases their productivity while lowering their support expenditures.

5. Disseminating All Alerts and Updates – WhatsApp Chatbot for Tours & Travel

We may become so engrossed in the everyday work that we forget about any reservations or travel-related information. As a result, the company’s regular alerts are critical. Alerts given to us via email or SMS are rarely read. In comparison to WhatsApp, they have poor open and readership rates.

6. Using Whatsapp to Disseminate Travel Instructions 

With so many limits or guidelines to follow, it can be difficult for customers to keep track of all the rules that apply to each site.

Customers can learn about any recent travel recommendations, virus hotspots, and other information before making a reservation using a WhatsApp Chatbot for travel. With just one tap, customers can stay in the loop and guarantee that they are up to date on the latest rules.

7. Receiving Consistent Feedback 

In the travel industry, customer reviews are extremely important because they help ardent travelers plan their vacations by determining which company or service to choose. 

As a result, gathering feedback after a trip is critical for every travel organization. 

In this situation, a WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel might be deployed to collect a review right away. Customers would like to complete a short and engaging feedback survey on WhatsApp rather than filling out a tedious long-form via email. This would benefit both the firm and future customers!

8. It’s Time to Get a Travel WhatsApp Chatbot 

We can see how a WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel is not only necessary in the COVID era, but will also be critical once COVID is implemented. 

Providing a platform to your clients that functions as their travel companion by aiding them 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a trend that businesses should embrace if they want to see happy travellers and employees.

As a result, a travel-related WhatsApp Chatbot will enable you to: 

  1. Allow your human reps to focus on more important tasks/questions by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  2. Provide your customers with all relevant information on time. 
  3. Support Costs Should Be Reduced 
  4. Provide an excellent consumer experience by bundling all of your features/activities into a single app, such as WhatsApp.

Wrap up 

It is undeniable that the advantages of a Whatsapp Chatbot are unrivaled. Chatbots can already engage with customers in the same way that humans do because of advances in natural language processing.

As part of their design, some of them can even infuse a sense of humor into the dialogue. Using a WhatsApp travel chatbot in your business will surely enhance client interaction and assist you in attracting and retaining customers.

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