WhatsApp Chat Button – How to add WhatsApp Chat Widget to the website

WhatsApp Chat Button – How to add WhatsApp Chat Widget to the website?

WhatsApp Chat Button: The average website visitor didn’t mind contacting a firm through live chat until recently. On the other hand, customers increasingly appreciate the flexibility to connect with businesses via their chosen communication techniques.

In 2021, WhatsApp will be that route for many individuals. WhatsApp now has over two billion users all around the world. And the number is still rising.

As a consequence, more companies are adding a WhatsApp chat button to their websites. And we’ll teach you how to do it yourself in this article.

What are the benefits of incorporating a WhatsApp discussion into your website?

There are two significant reasons why you should consider using WhatsApp on your website:

Maintain communication with the visitor after they have departed

After a website visitor contacts you through live chat, you won’t be able to get them. Customers are departing at a faster rate than ever before, as their patience runs thin with each passing day unless you have the time to answer instantly throughout the day.

Visitors who contact you over WhatsApp, on the other hand, get the same experience without having to wait for a response on your website. This enhances their experience while also providing you with more time to reply.

Add a personal touch to it

Live chat used to be a more informal and personal contact channel, but it has grown into a communication medium that many businesses treat similarly to email. This makes the website less exciting and distinctive to visitors.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is an application that we all use to interact with our friends and family daily. Incorporating your brand into that context automatically builds a more personal relationship with your customer, particularly if you can react swiftly and in a relaxed tone of voice.

What is the best way to embed a WhatsApp discussion on your website?

Allowing your customers to contact you using WhatsApp as a website chat has two alternatives.

  • Chatting and clicking
  • QR code 

1. Click here to start a discussion – WhatsApp Chat Button

Customers may utilize the click to chat feature to start a WhatsApp discussion with another person or business by clicking a URL. You won’t need to save any phone numbers on your phone to do this. To start typing, click the link to open a chat window. This is true for both the smartphone app and the web version of WhatsApp.

This feature may be used to add a phrase to WhatsApp, such as ‘WhatsApp us!’ You may also provide your phone number as a hyperlink.

To build a click-to-chat link, edit this URL: https://wa.me/[WhatsAppNumber]. Replace ‘WhatsAppNumber’ with the phone number you wish to use.

A click-to-chat link on your contact page is fine, but things become a little more tricky when you want to integrate WhatsApp into your whole online customer experience. It will seem crowded if you have to share this link on every page of your website.

2. Make use of the QR code

Customers may find having to add a phone number to their contacts to start a WhatsApp conversation difficult. This isn’t a practical choice, particularly if you’re planning to provide this channel as a business. Consider the following steps that a customer must take:

  • They’ll need to look up your phone number first.
  • After that, they must save you as a contact. This provides the name and phone number of your business. If they have to do this for all of the companies they connect with, their contact list will quickly grow.
  • Finally, the customer must open WhatsApp, search for you, and then chat with you.

It does not take a long time to do this task. It does not, however, ensure a flawless customer experience. After all, that is the goal.

As a consequence, a growing number of companies are using QR codes to start interactions. All they have to do now is write the code and put it on their website so that customers may immediately begin a dialogue.

To create a QR code similar to this, create a click to chat link first. The URL may then be converted into a QR code using QR Code Generator.

Do you want to know what a customer thinks about a QR code? Start a conversation with our Yugasabot WhatsApp account by scanning this QR code:

3.  Multichannel widget WhatsApp Chat Button

So far, we’ve discussed two possibilities. None of them, however, is a proper WhatsApp website integration.

The best way to include WhatsApp as a discussion on your website is to use a multichannel chat widget l. As a consequence, customers may be able to choose their preferred communication channel on your website.

They can use WhatsApp or any other messaging service, such as live chat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and SMS. WhatsApp Business is one of the many channels available on this website widget.

Another significant advantage is that it enables multiple users to use WhatsApp, which is impossible with the official app. Your whole team may cooperate on conversations under one WhatsApp account. They may use the inbox to @tag each other and send messages to specific colleagues or teams.

Wrap Up

WhatsApp is the most widely used direct messaging app of all time. An increasing number of offline and online organizations are seeing the benefits of adopting it into their operations.

Being reachable on WhatsApp implies providing customers with quick communication, which significantly impacts the customer experience.

Furthermore, by providing a direct communication channel, customers are less inclined to look for a competitor’s same product or service. You can visit Yugasabot webpage for more information.

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