What are the most popular WhatsApp business API features?

WhatsApp Business API features: With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is one of the top five most downloaded apps worldwide. 

It would not be an understatement to say that it will soon be at the top of the list. 

Over 180 of the 195 nations on the planet’s surface utilize WhatsApp. It controls the communication market in more than 25 countries. 

The CEO of META noted that WhatsApp and Business Messaging via WhatsApp are the future during a recent conference. 

Business interactions are crucial, as the aforementioned statement indicates. 

The WhatsApp API could help businesses understand the value of the discussions. 

Maintaining a sizable customer base, responding to complaints using automated responses, or handling serious problems with human engagement. 

Before diving into its special features, let’s learn more about WhatsApp Business API. Features that can take your business communication to new heights.

What exactly is WhatsApp Business API? 

The WhatsApp Business API, sometimes referred to as WhatsApp Business Platform, is a platform created specifically for businesses to support communication with clients throughout the world in a secure and efficient manner. 

If you’re looking for an overly simplistic explanation, the WhatsApp Business API is essentially the WhatsApp Business App enhanced. 

The possibilities are fairly restricted, especially for those working with a bigger number of clients and daily queries, even though the WhatsApp Business App supports small enterprises with essential features like business profiles, auto-replies, labels, and more.

Top features of WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp business API features

Verified Business Profiles: 

Customers now participate in the full value chain as partners rather than just as buyers. Every organization needs trust, which branding fosters. 

Your business account is validated by the WhatsApp Business API and shown with a verified badge. 

This insignia serves a purpose beyond being merely decorative. Both individuals and businesses may feel secure knowing they are in the proper place thanks to a verified account. 


It would be impossible for businesses to handle multiple communications at once if there were over 10,000 customers responding to them individually. 

This is where the Yugasabot function comes in. We offer businesses a no-code chatbot that they can easily create using a drag-and-drop interface without any technical knowledge. 

Who wants late replies when you have a 24-hour response window with WhatsApp API? Nobody. 

Your brand will engage customers and increase sales if it responds as quickly as possible. 

Automatic answers from WhatsApp Business API are a hidden blessing for companies wanting to improve client satisfaction and income. 

create whatsapp chatbot

Interactive messages

Consumers only need to click on options that are displayed to them when using interactive messages, which helps them to receive responses quickly and noticeably. 

Interactive messages represent a significant improvement over text templates that allow customers to engage. 

As seen in the images above, you can text a customer with options to get a response with a number, but with interactive messaging, you can make it simple for them to choose the options they need with just one tap. 

You can do much more with interactive messaging than merely display tap-to-select options. 

Send updates, links, and payment reminders

You can rapidly direct customers to your payment portals and events by using the WhatsApp Business API to deliver payment and subscription reminders, payment links, and event updates! 

The advantages of utilizing WhatsApp Business API 

Benefits offered to medium-sized and big organizations via the WhatsApp Business API include.

A simple two-way communication channel 

You may respond to your client’s questions, provide any necessary information, and keep them updated on their orders, delivery, payment, and more using the two-way chat functionality of the WhatsApp Business API.

Increases consumer satisfaction 

You may communicate with consumers in a tailored environment thanks to WhatsApp Business API. 

By giving them the appropriate information and help, you may win their trust and loyalty. 

Read our blog post about customer experience to learn what you should do to improve it and guarantee client happiness as well as what you should avoid doing. 

Extended range

WhatsApp Business API extends enterprises’ access to a large spectrum of potential customers thanks to its user base of over two billion individuals in more than 180 countries. 

Verified discussions for brands 

When you use WhatsApp Business APIs to engage with your customers, the discussion is filled with brand recognition and has a professional feel. 

You can include a photo for your company profile, a website link, contact information, retail locations, product catalogs, promotional information, and more.

Frequently asked questions 

Is WhatsApp Business API Free? 

Not at all, the WhatsApp API. You must pay platform fees for using a WhatsApp Business API-based platform as well as WhatsApp Conversation charges for Business & User Initiated Conversations (which vary by country). 

Can I use WhatsApp Business API to send automated messages? 

By linking your CRM/Business Software, you may automate WhatsApp messages to your clients, such as welcome messages, order/payment confirmations, abandoned cart alerts, application drop-off notifications, and more. 

Can we use WhatsApp Business API to incorporate chatbots? 

Yes, a platform based on the WhatsApp API can incorporate WhatsApp Chatbots. 

You can complete the process yourself because it is so simple. 


The WhatsApp Business API is simpler than you might think. To offer your consumers immediate responses, simple message automation is required.

This post should have addressed all of your questions, and you should now be more knowledgeable about using WhatsApp business chatbots

While organizing this tutorial, we made sure to cover all the intricate details of the WhatsApp API. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the method of your choosing, and we’ll be pleased to assist.

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