Top AI tools transforming our lives

Top AI tools transforming our lives

AI tools for business: Machines always share a deep bond with us that is still a materialistic object. How about giving them the power of intelligence to be a friend of ours?

What! What! A learning machine? – AI tools for business

This question was thought by Alan Turing in 1950, who opened the door to artificial intelligence(AI), a power when machines can think on their own just like us

This new way has really changed the work of the entire machine circuit, no more buttons to operate.

Now, in the 21st century, we are focusing on deep learning, neural networks, machine learning that is the foundation of AI, and the outcomes are Sofia, the first humanoid granted citizenship, self-driven vehicles, virtual assistants, etc.

How does AI change our lives?

Artificial intelligence is now linked to our lives and is changing our environment day by day, whether it is used in the health, or agriculture sectors.

-Take a peek what the AI is doing?

Data Analytics – AI tools for business

we produce almost 2.5 million bytes of data every day. There needs to be something that can process our data, show us the data even if there are millions of requests on the server.

Artificial Intelligence, therefore, analyzes our data using a deep learning method and provides day-to-day services.

Smart assistants

Assistants are one who takes our commands or gives us suggestions, but how to embed this humic behaviour in machines.

You ‘re using these smart wizards every day, just say OK Google or Hey Siri

Automated bugging

Coding is always a difficult task when we make some apps like Spotify. We need to make sure it’s free of bugs. But debugging will take a lot of time.

How about using artificial intelligence to make them understand and find bugs.

Fraud detection

We humans can’t stop these fraudulent activities if they’re using machines. For example, if we get an injury, we have to first aid it.

So when machines are targeted at banking or companies, etc., machines can use AI power to detect these activities before they can take place.

Climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our society, increasing the chances of natural disasters.

However, using AI, we can know the statistics of any climate change to prevent disasters that may occur as a result of this.

Now we’ve seen how I found a great way to develop software, and then let’s get inside what’s inside their toolbox.

Hello Yubo

Hello YUBO offers an AI-enabled Sales Funnel for your Business. With the help of their Intelligent Virtual Assistants Reduce conversion cost and enhances CX with conversational AI. YUBO increases Engagement on the Web Page by 30% leading to higher Lead Capture and Reduced CPA. It can Assist Prospects Anytime to Curate Relevant Information from them. And it Assists Clients for Life after being trained once.

Here is the link :

Some of the features it offers are:

  • Plug and Play solution
  • Most accurate AI and NLP engine
  • Deep insights of conversations
  • Crafted to augment digital ad campaigns
  • Natural conversation flow
  • Handheld and guided implementation
  • Other Features include Excellent insights and stats to the dashboard, easy to use CRM


Top AI tools transforming our lives

Tensorflow is an open-source AI tool developed by the Google brains team. It is a Python-based machine learning tool and deep learning is used in data analysis, such as

  • Voice/sound recognition, text-based applications, image recognition.
  • First, you have to give the dataset model
  • Then you’ve got to train the machines
  • Then … you ‘re going to get the output
  • Tensor (one-dimensional array) [Like a lot of dog images]—-processing > >
  • Tensorflow can run on the following:
  • Mobile OS (Android or iOS)
  • Desktop (Linux, Windows or Macs)
  • Cloud:
  • CPU or GPU or TPU
  • Tensorflow is used by Google, Airbnb, eBay, Intel, DropBox, DeepMind, AirBus, CEVA, Snapchat, SAP, Uber, Twitter, and IBM. 

AI tools for business

One of the best high-performance AI tools developed for businesses to extract insights from their data using machine learning. H20 core code is written and provides the REST API to provide access to the software or use the JSON script for Http request.

Products of H20 are H20, deep water, sparkling water, steam, driverless air. The perfect tool for a data scientist, mathematician, a statistician.


Top AI tools transforming our lives (4)
  • Cortona is Microsoft’s Smart Virtual Assistant for Windows OS.
  • You can just say that speaking or entering short works like setting up reminders, updating, informing about weather and traffic, and trying to share a friendly bond with the user.
  • Uses the Bing search engine Supports several languages.

IBM Watson

AI tools for business

Watson is an IBM supercomputer that processes 80 teraflop questions while digging 200 million pages. It uses a deep part of machine learning called deep learning to learn different things and provide accurate answers.

  • The popular use of IBM Watson
  • Used in health care to analyze the DNA sequence of patients and then suggest a remedy.
  • Used for monitoring devices in IoT.
  • Analyzing the text and working on Grammar Errors is just a big version of Grammar
  • Image processing and telling details such as age, etc.

Infosys Nia

Top AI tools transforming our lives

Infosys Nia is capable of providing business with big data/analytics, machine learning and cognitive automation.

The name of the next-generation AI is known to solve various business-related problems like

  • Develop a strategy
  • Understand customer behaviour •assess cost and product quality •can improve customer satisfaction.
  • So the better AI that’s going to do it all for your business.


AI tools for business

Deep learning4j is actually a java framework to be used to build neural networks. It includes tools for neural networks and computational graphics.

  • Used by developers to build a neural network and integrate spark data pipelines.
  • It can handle large dataset because of the ability to work on parallel GPU for performance using the vector space modelling.
  • Use cases
  • Fraud detection, e-commerce, image recognition, cybersecurity etc..

Google Assistant

AI tools for business
  • Google’s virtual assistant tool for smartphones and smart products like headphones, speakers, smartwatches, etc. accepts your commands whenever you say ‘OK Google’
  • The languages currently supported are English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese.
  • It’s not designed as a website, it’s like talking to a user. It can play songs or give you news or the latest score of football matches. Or you can usually just talk to Google to beat your boredom

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In the coming years, there is no stopping AI, and according to a survey of scientists by 2060, AI will surpass human intelligence and be able to beat us anywhere.

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