Non-transactional WhatsApp Business notifications now available

Non-Transactional Notifications: Every marketing and advertising strategy revolves around having relevant and engaging conversations with customers. 

We can all see the trend toward digital interactions as the world moves towards a digital era – from billboards to Display Advertisements, from TV ads to YouTube ads, from print ads to ads on e-papers, and from calling to messaging. 

Customers today want to communicate with companies via messaging apps, just as they do with their family and friends. 

What could be more customised than WhatsApp for messaging? The WhatsApp Business API allows enterprises to send non-transactional notifications to their consumers. 

This means that firms can now use non-transactional notifications to customize their marketing. 

In a world where we are all overwhelmed with choices, brands must stand out and gain an advantage. 

Brands can now do all of this and more using WhatsApp promotional messages. We’ll go through what non-transactional notifications are and how they affect businesses. 

What are non-transactional message or promotional notifications? 


Previously, WhatsApp policies prohibited brands from delivering non-transactional notifications to their users. 

Transactional notifications were the only ones that could be sent. 

In light of this, WhatsApp just announced a significant update to its Business Messaging Policy, allowing businesses to send non-transactional notifications. 

Companies can only send a few sorts of non-transactional messages right now, and they must have users opt-in to do so. 

It’s similar to signing up for an email newsletter. 

Non-transactional messages, once customers have opted in, can help organisations improve customer engagement and increase ROI. 

What can promotional messaging accomplish for your business? 


1. Keep customers informed about what’s current, what’s popular, and more. 

Notify your consumers about new items, discounts, and changes. 

Send them product recommendations based on statistics on ‘top-selling products to ‘often bought together products,allowing them to get everything they require from you. 

As a result, the lead conversion rate would rise, increasing the ROI. 

2. Personalise your marketing message 


Send customised coupons and offers to current and potential customers. 

Inform your clients of any new updates or holiday discounts, and encourage them with personalised offers. 

3. Cross-selling and upselling to boost sales. 

You can now send messages based on a user’s previous purchases. 

Your virtual assistant can provide automated notifications about a sold-out product that your consumer has been expecting! 

Customers’ purchasing histories can also be used to provide trend advice.

4. Recover lost prospects by sending cart abandonment reminders.


Cart abandonment can be significantly reduced using non-transactional notifications. 

A simple reminder to the customer of the items remaining in their cart will help increase cart recovery. 

Combine it with a “back in stock” alert, and you’ve hit the bull’s eye with improving prospects. 

How to Begin Using Whatsapp for Promotional Messaging. 


There is no additional integration work or modification to the message template development procedure necessary for enterprises. 

However, a few requirements and considerations must be met to comply with WhatsApp’s business regulations. 

Considerations and Prerequisites 

● Before delivering any proactive messages, including non-transactional messages, businesses must obtain user consent. 

These opt-ins must also follow WhatsApp’s opt-in policy requirements.

● Broadcast notifications, such as regular newsletters, are still not permitted on the platform.

● Businesses must adhere to WhatsApp’s business policies. 

Way to go, Promotional Messaging!

While the rest of the world waits for WhatsApp to expand its non-transactional messaging capabilities to new countries, businesses in permitted countries may jump straight in. 

Your clients use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends, but they also use it to share with their favourite companies! 

Only one question remains: do you know where your customers are? 

And, if you are, are you taking full advantage of the promotional message feature? 

We’d love to help you increase brand engagement, valuable experiences, and business conversions on WhatsApp.

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