Chatbot integrated SAP Fiori

This article will demonstrate how to link a Chatbot with SAP Fiori. Every business wants to save expenses and boost efficiency. 

Don’t you believe that simplifying the interface between workers and the program would increase productivity? 

It would be fantastic if a manager could query data and approve/reject requests from anywhere using a graphical interface. 

This program is nothing more than a chatbot. The integration of chatbots with SAP is crucial.

SAP Chatbot Application

If you’re familiar with SAP, you’ve probably heard about SAP Fiori. 

SAP Fiori is a browser/web-based application that serves as a user interface to the SAP system. 

Most SAP end-users now use SAP Fiori in their everyday work. 

So, We will show you how a Chatbot can be linked with SAP Fiori to make life easier for SAP users.


Involved technologies and platforms:

  • Node JS platform for SAP Conversational AI / Recast AI
  • SAP Cloud Foundry is a service provided by SAP (Or NGROK)
  • Fiori and SAP UI5

Design and construction

  • Conversational AI/Recast AI platform from SAP: – SAP Conversational AI is a platform that allows us to build, train, and evaluate bots.
  • Node JS: A Node JS application will be constructed to function as a middleware for data transmission between Bot and SAP.
  • SAP Cloud Foundry will be utilized as a Node JS runtime environment. 
  • CF CLI will be used to deploy the Node Js application to Cloud Foundry. 
  • Suppose we don’t want to utilize Cloud Foundry. We may host our Node JS application locally and expose it publically using NGROK, which can be accessible in the SAP Conversational AI platform’s Bot.
  • SAP UI5 with SAP Fiori: Using the HTML code supplied by the SAP Conversational AI platform, we can develop a basic SAP UI5 application. 
  • Using the Fiori plugin improvement capability, this SAP UI5 application may be linked with the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Best Practices for SAP Fiori Implementation

Perform a thorough examination


When adopting new business processes and apps, testing is crucial. Pay attention to your company’s strategy, infrastructure, and user requirements. 

When testing, it’s equally necessary to think about security. 

Testing should be carried out in phases and on various platforms, including ABAP, Fiori Launchpad, and a local sandbox.

Make use of SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Launchpad improves the user’s ability to quickly access all Fiori apps from a single interface. 

Personalization and assistance are also available. Users may see many details about each program they can use, including the number of open tasks. 

The user’s function determines the visibility and accessibility of these programs, minimizing user misunderstanding and allowing easy access to all of the applications they need.

Cross-browser testing should be done.


Ensure that the user interface works in all major browsers throughout the testing process (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). 

On various browsers, various difficulties might develop, and administrators should be aware of them. 

End-users may effortlessly move to SAP Fiori by addressing unexpected behavior, performance concerns, and other challenges in common browsers.

SAP Backend Apps must be updated.

Even though SAP Fiori’s core functionality is up to date, the backend application should be updated regularly for the most successful SAP Fiori installation. 

Failure to update Fiori will cause your system to slow down and introduce security flaws.

Prioritize safety.


When installing SAP Fiori, security is a primary consideration. Cyber assaults often target mission-critical programs that may be accessed through Fiori. 

Access restrictions, monitoring suspicious activity, constantly using secure connections, and encrypting data are all crucial in addition to fundamental security procedures (e.g., removing outdated accounts). 

When feasible, use a firewall, handle compliance requirements consistently, and use monitoring services.


In this post, we looked at some of the most important aspects of SAP Fiori:

  • The launchpad, as well as the areas and other elements
  • Imagery is used well.

We hope that this information will assist you in creating functional Fiori-based interfaces for your SAP users.

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